Table of contents for Introduction to quantum mechanics / A.C. Phillips.

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Editor's preface to the Manchester Physics Series. 
Author's preface. 
1_ Planck's Constant in Action. 
De Broglie Waves. 
2_ The Schrödinger Equation. 
Particle Wave Equations. 
3_ Position and Momentum. 
Position Probabilities. 
Momentum Probabilities. 
A Particle in a Box I. 
Expectation Values. 
Quantum States. 
4_ Energy and Time. 
The Hamiltonian Operator. 
Normal Modes of a String. 
States of Certain Energy. 
A Particle in a Box II. 
States of Uncertain Energy. 
Time Dependence. 
5_ Square Wells and Barriers. 
Bound and Unbound States. 
Barrier Penetration. 
6_ The Harmonic Oscillator. 
The Classical Oscillator. 
The Quantum Oscillator. 
Quantum States. 
Diatomic Molecules. 
Three-dimensional Oscillators. 
The Oscillator Eigenvalue Problem. 
7_ Observables and Operators. 
Essential Properties. 
Position and Momentum. 
Compatible Observables. 
Constants in Motion. 
8_ Angular Momentum. 
Angular Momentum Basics. 
Magnetic Moments. 
Orbital Angular Momentum. 
9_ The Hydrogen Atom. 
Central Potentials. 
Quantum Mechanics of_the Hydrogen Atom. 
Sizes and Shapes. 
Radiative Transitions. 
The Reduced Mass Effect. 
Relativistic Effects. 
The Coulomb Eigenvalue Problem. 
10_ Identical Problems. 
Exchange Symmetry. 
Physical Consequences. 
Exchange Symmetry with Spin. 
Bosons and Fermions. 
11 Atoms. 
Atomic Quantum States. 
The Periodic Table. 
What If? 
Hints to selected problems. 
Further reading. 

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