Table of contents for Science firsts : from the creation of science to the science of creation / Robert Adler.

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1. Thales and Natural Causation.
2. Anaximander Orders the Cosmos.
3. Pythagoras Numbers the Cosmos.
4. Atoms and the Void.
5. Aristotle and the Birth of Biology.
6. Aristarchus, the Forgotten Copernicus.
7. Archimedes's Physics.
8. Ibn al-Haitham Illuminates Vision.
9. Copernicus Moves the Earth.
10. Galileo Discovers the Skies.
11. Kepler Solves the Planetary Puzzle.
12. Van Leeuwenhoek Explores the Microcosm.
13. Newton: Gravity and Light.
14. A Breath of Fresh Air.
15. Humphry Davy, Intoxicated with Discovery.
16. Visionaries of the Computer.
17. Darwin's Great Truth.
18. A Genius in the Garden.
19. Mendeleev Charts the Elements.
20. In the Realm of Radioactivity.
21. Planck's Quantum Leap.
22. Wired on Wireless.
23. Rutherford Dissects the Atom.
24. Einstein: Matter, Energy, Space, and Time.
25. Wegener Sets the Continents Adrift.
26. Hubble's Expanding Universe.
27. Out of Africa.
28. Fermi and the Fire of the Gods.
29. McClintock's Chromosomes.
30. A Bit of Genius.
31. The Dynamic Duo of DNA.
32. Echoes of Creation.
33. We Are Not What We Seem.
34. Planetary Pioneers.
35. After Dolly, Life Will Never Be the Same.
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