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PART I: Eat Smart, Live Well: It's About You!
CHAPTER 1: Food Choices for Fitness.
Fitness: Your Overall Health!
What's Smart Eating? Guidelines for Americans.
Your Food Choices: The Inside Story.
Solutions for Healthful Eating, Active Living.
PART II: Healthful Eating: The Basics.
CHAPTER 2: Your Healthy Weight.
Body Basics: What's Your Healthy Weight?
Energy Basics: Calorie Math.
Weighing the Risks.
Weight Management: Strategies That Work!
Too Thin-a Problem?
Disordered Eating: Problems, Signs, and Help.
 "Diets" That Don't Work!
When You Need Help.
CHAPTER 3: Fat Facts.
Fats Matter.
Cholesterol: Different from Fat.
Too Much of a Good Thing?
CHAPTER 4: Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytonutrients: Variety on Your Plate.
Vitamins and Minerals: Team Players!
Vitamins: The Basics.
Minerals-Not "Heavy Metal".
Phytonutrients-a "Crop" for Good Health.
CHAPTER 5: Sweet Talk: Sugar and Other Sweeteners.
Sugars: The Sweet Basics.
Sugars in Your Food.
Polyols: Sugar Replacers.
Intense Sweeteners: Flavor without Calories.
CHAPTER 6: Fiber: Your Body's Broom.
Fiber: An Important Nonnutrient.
For Fiber-Variety!
CHAPTER 7: Sodium: A Salty Subject.
Sodium and Your Health.
Sodium in Your Food Choices.
Flavor . . . with Less Salt and Sodium.
CHAPTER 8: Fluids: Often Overlooked.
A Fluid Asset.
What's to Drink?
PART III: Smart Eating: The Consumer Marketplace.
CHAPTER 9: What's on Today's Table?
Food: What's "in Store" for You?
Ensuring Your Food Supply.
CHAPTER 10: Planning to Eat Smart.
The Food Guide Pyramid: Your Healthful Eating Guide.
What's Inside the Pyramid?
Health-Wise Eating Strategies.
CHAPTER 11: Supermarket Smarts.
Today's Food Labels.
Supermarket Psychology.
Your Shopping Guide.
Food Safety: Start at the Store.
CHAPTER 12: The Safe Kitchen.
Foodborne Illness: More Common than You Think! 
Checklist for a Clean Kitchen 
Safe Preparation and Service 
Quick Tips for Injury Prevention 
The "Eco Kitchen" .
CHAPTER 13: Kitchen Nutrition.
 "Resetting" Your Table . . . for Taste and Health.
Simply Nutritious, Simply Delicious.
Add Life to Your Spices-and Herbs, Too!
CHAPTER 14: Your Food Away from Home.
Dining Out for Health and Pleasure.
Safe Take-Out.
Fast Food, Healthful Food.
Eating Out Ethnic Style.
Eating for Travelers.
PART IV: Food for Health: Every Age, Every Stage of Life.
CHAPTER 15: Off to a Healthy Start.
Breast-Feeding Your Baby.
Another Healthful Option: Bottle-Feeding.
Solid Advice on Solid Foods.
CHAPTER 16: Food to Grow On.
Toddlers and Preschoolers: Food for the Early Years.
Eating ABCs for School-Age Children.
Feeding the Teen Machine.
CHAPTER 17: For Women Only.
Childbearing Years: Nutrition, Menstruation, and Prepregnancy.
Congratulations! You're Expecting!
For Those Who Breast-Feed.
Now for Menopause.
CHAPTER 18: For Mature Adults: Healthful Eating!
Aged to Perfection!
When Lifestyles Change.
Changes That Challenge.
PART V: Healthful Eating: Special Issues.
CHAPTER 19: Athlete's Guide: Winning Nutrition.
Nutrients for Active Living.
A High-Performance Diet.
Making Weight.
The Game Plan.
Ergogenic Aids: No Substitute for Training.
CHAPTER 20 The Vegetarian Way.
Being Vegetarian.
Vegetarian Diets: Nutritionally Speaking.
Throughout the Life Cycle.
 "Vegging Out" the Healthful Way!
CHAPTER 21: Sensitive about Food.
Food Intolerances and Other Adverse Food Reactions: Copycat Symptoms.
Food Allergies: Commonly Uncommon.
CHAPTER 22: Smart Eating to Prevent and Treat Disease.
Your Healthy Heart.
Blood Pressure: Under Control?
Cancer Connection.
Diabetes: A Growing Health Concern.
Osteoporosis: Reduce the Risks.
Gastrointestinal Conditions.
Anemia: "Tired Blood".
Food and Medicine.
CHAPTER 23: Supplements: Use and Abuse.
Dietary Supplements: What Are They?
Supplements: Safe? Effective?
If You Take a Supplement.
PART VI: Resources: More about Healthful Eating.
CHAPTER 24: Well Informed?
Need Nutrition Advice?
Be Your Own Judge!
Case against Health Fraud.
Resources You Can Use.
1997-2001 Dietary Reference Intakes.
Protein: 1989 Recommended Dietary Allowances.
Growth Charts: Body Mass Index for Children and Teens.
Body Mass Index for Adults.
Carbohydrates in Common Foods.
 0aily Values: What Are They Based On?
Health Claims on Food Labels.
Functions of Selected Additives.

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