Table of contents for Handbook of chromosomal syndromes / G. Shashidhar Pai, Raymond C. Lewandowski, Digamber S. Borgaondar.

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Chromosome 1P+.
Chromosome 1P-.
Chromosome 1Q+.
Chromosome 1Q-.
Chromosome Ring 1.
Chromosome 2P+.
Chromosome 2P-.
Chromosome 2Q+.
Chromosome 2Q-.
Chromosome Ring 2.
Chromosome 3P+.
Chromosome 3P-.
Chromosome 3Q Trisomy.
Chromosome 3Q-.
Chromosome Ring 3.
Chromosome 4P+.
Chromosome 4P-.
Chromosome 4Q+.
Chromosome 4Q-.
Chromosome Ring 4.
Chromosome 5p+.
Chromosome 5p-.
Chromosome 5q+.
Chromosome 5q-.
Chromosome Ring 5.
Chromosome 6P+.
Chromosome 6P-.
Chromosome 6Q+.
Chromosome 6Q-.
Chromosome Ring 6.
Chromosome 7P+.
Chromosome 7P-.
Chromosome 7Q+.
Chromosome 7Q-.
Chromosome Ring 7.
Chromosome 8P+.
Chromosome 8P-.
Chromosome 8Q+.
Chromosome 8Q-.
Chromosome Ring 8.
Chromosome 9P+.
Chromosome 9P-.
Chromosome 9Q+.
Chromosome 9Q-.
Chromosome Ring 9.
Chromosome 10P+.
Chromosome 10P-.
Chromosome 10Q+.
Chromosome 10Q-.
Chromosome Ring 10.
Chromosome 11P+.
Chromosome 11P-.
Chromosome 11Q+.
Chromosome 11Q-.
Chromosome Ring 11.
Chromosome 12P+.
Chromosome 12P-.
Chromosome 12Q+.
Chromosome 12Q-.
Chromosome 12P Tetrasomy.
Chromosome Ring 12.
Chromosome 13q Partial Monosomy.
Chromosome 13 Trisomy.
Chromosome 14q Monosomy.
Chromosome 14q Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome 14 Trisomy Mosaic.
Duplications of 15Q11Q12.
Angelman Syndrome.
Chromosome 15q Partial Monosomy.
Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).
Chromosome Ring 15.
Chromosome 15 Trisomy.
Chromosome 16p Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome 16q Partial Monosomy.
Chromosome 16q Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome 17p11.2 Deletion.
Chromosome 17p13 Deletion.
Chromosome 17p Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome 17q Monosomy.
Chromosome 17q Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome 18p Monosomy.
Chromosome 18q Partial Monosomy.
Chromosome 18 Trisomy.
Chromosome 19q Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome Ring 19.
Chromosome 20p Partial Monosomy.
Chromosome 20p Partial Trisomy.
Chromosome Ring 20.
Chromosome 21q Complete/Partial Monosomy.
Chromosome Ring 21.
Chromosome 21 Trisomy.
Chromosome 22pter-q11 Trisomy/Tetrasomy.
Chromosome 22q 11 Deletion.
Chromosome 22q Distal Monosomy.
Chromosome Ring 22.
Chromosome 22 Trisomy.
47, XXY Syndrome.
49, XXXXX Syndrome.
49, XXXXY Syndrome.
Monosomy X Syndrome.
Multiple Y Syndrome.
Tetraploidy and Diploid/Tetraploid Mixoploidy.
Triploidy and Triploid/Diploid Mixoploidy.
Uniparental Disomy 14 Syndrome.

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