Table of contents for Rewired, rehired, or retired : a global guide for the experienced worker / Robert K. Critchley.

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1 Achieving a Work-Life Balance.
The Future Starts Today. What Are Your Choices? Better
Health + Longer Life = More Choices. Dealing with Stress.
You Don't Have to Retire. Job Security Is Ancient History!
 Maintaining Balance in the Work-Life Equation. Remain
Active and Consider the Needs of Others.
Your Options.
2 Understanding and Dealing with Change. 
A Short History of Change.
The Changing World of Work.
 Reasons for Change. Dealing with Change. Organizational
Change. Common Misconceptions About Change. Take
Control and Embrace Change. Summary.
3 Assessing Your Needs and Interests.
Stop and Really Think About It. Work Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers.
 Question Yourself. Make Your Dreams a Reality. Summary.4 Understanding the Myths and Realities of the 
Mature Worker.
Evolving Technology. Communicate Experience Effectively.
Exercising Flexibility. Older Workers Can't Get Jobs (or Can
They?) The Value of Older Workers and Mentors in Smaller
Companies. Transferring Skills Between Industries. Be Yourself
. . . All of Yourself. Summary.
5 Achieving a Level Playing Field with 
Younger Workers.
Capitalize on Your Experience. Research and Rehearse. Identify
Differentiators. Communicate Positively. Align with Your Goals.
 Listen Carefully. Take Care with Your Personal Presentation.
 Deal Effectively with Search and Recruitment Firms. Summary.
6 Effective Career-and Life-Communication. 
I-SPEAK Your Language. Determine Your Own I-SPEAK Style.
 Using I-SPEAK in Action. Reacting Effectively to the Different I-SPEAK
Styles. Understanding the Value of Communication Styles.
 Interacting with Other Styles.
Be an Active Listener. Summary.
7 How to Win When You Lose Your Job.
The Reality Check.
Resist the Temptation to React Negatively.
 Rebuild Your Self-Esteem. Review Past Achievements. Turn
to Family and Friends for Support. Control the Impact on Your
Family. Investigate Your Passions. Look and Feel Better. Consider
Nonprofit Work. Think Like a Winner. Communicate Positively.
Don't Resist Change. Your Life Is Your Decision. Summary.
8 Networking.
Networking Is a Two-Way Process. Who Is in Your Network?
 Focus on Effective Communication. Succeed Through
Networking. Summary.9 Overcoming Phone Phobia.
Assessing Your Level of Phone Phobia. Reasons for Phone
Phobia. What's the Worst That Can Happen?  Remember
Friends and Family. Making a Successful Phone Call. Pick Up
the Phone. Summary.
10 Successful Interviews and Meetings.
Set Goals for Your Interview. Research the Company. Be Kind
to Gatekeepers. The Virtue-and Potential Vice-of Persistence.
 The Face-to-Face Meeting. The 10/50 Rule: Less Is More.
 Decision Influencers and Decision Makers. Is It the Right Job
for You?  Summary.
11 Global Opportunities for the Mature Worker.
Support for Mature Workers. Early and Voluntary Retirement
Plans. Understanding the Worth of Older Workers. Attitudes
Toward Older Workers. Taking on Full- or Part-Time Roles.
 Demographic Trends. The Effect of Extended Life Expectancy.
12 Retractable Retirement. 
Why We Retire. Challenges of Reentering the Workforce.
 Staying in Touch. Consider Part-Time Work. Summary.
13 Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal.
Commit Yourself to Having a Life. Choices for Living. Where
Are You Now? Active Retirement and Living. Happiness Hurdles.
 Don't Wait for Life to Come to You. Summary. A Final Note
from the Author.
The Author.