Table of contents for Composing the soul : reaches of Nietzsche's psychology / Graham Parkes.

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I: Seeds in Psychical Soil (1850-1870)
Goethe, Byron, Holderlin
The Mentor from Concord
Moods of the Interior
Schopenhauer and Wagner
II: The Melodic Centaur (1870-1872)
Labor before The Birth
Dionysian and Apollonian Drives
Platonic Prefigurations
Muthos versus Logos
III: Struggles for Multiple Vision (1872-1877)
Changes in Guiding Images
Flows of Phantasy
Rootings through the Past
Mastering Multiplicities
IV: Land and Seascapes of the Interior
Exploration of Psychological Space
Earth, Rock, and Stone
Suns and Vital Fires
Rivers - from Lake to Sea
Interlude 1: Art-Works against Nature
V: Husbanding the Soul: Vegetal Propagation
Trees on Stony Ground
Preparing Suitable Soil
Sowings of Psychical Seed
Cultivation, Irrigation, Fruition
Interlude 2: The Psychical Feminine
VI: Husbanding the Soul: Animal Procreation
Stalking the Wild Life
Accommodating Animals
Psychical Intercourse
True Pregnancies and Ultimate Issues
VII: Emergence of Imagining Drives
A Brief History of Psychical Polycentricity
Herder, Kant, Schiller, Fichte
Psychological Ramifications
VIII: Dominions of Drives and Persons (1869-1887)
Tyrannical Drives, Engaging Persons
Thoughts as Personal Presences
The Fabric(ation) of Experience
Unpublished Notes from 1881
Drives Archaically Imagining
IX: Archaic Casts and Psychical Regimes
Patterns Personal and Impersonal
Dreams and Archaic Inheritance
Plays of Masks
Ordering the Psyche Polytic
Epilogue: A Dangerous Life
Selected Bibliography
Index of Passages in Nietzsche's Published works
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