Table of contents for A brain for all seasons : human evolution and abrupt climate change / William H. Calvin.

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51°N 0°E Darwins home--Catastrophic gradualism
51°N 0°W Evolution House, Kew Gardens--The Darwinian Quality Bootstrap
51°N 1°E Down among the fossils--All of those chimp-human differences
49°N 2°E Musee de lHomme in Paris--The Ghost of Habitats Past
50°N 8°E Bockenheim--Tracing roots back to the Big Bang
52°N 5°E Layover Limbo--IQ and evolutions package deals
22°N 14°E Contemplating the Sahara--Why climate can suddenly flip
0°N 22°E Latitude Zero--Population fluctuations and refugia
19°S 23°E Okavango Delta--The island advantage
25°S 16°E Sossusvlei Dunes--Hominid opportunities in deserts?
26°S 28°E Sterkfontein Caves--The big change in hominid diet
34°S 18°E Cape of Good Hope--The turning point that wasn't
1°S 37°E Nairobi--Creating new species from old ones
2°S 36°E Olorgesailie--The easiest tool of all
0°S 36°E Kariandusi--A layer cake of handaxes
0°S 36°E Lake Nakuru--Where droughts cause a boom time
1°N 36°E Lake Baringo--The earliest hominids
1°S 36°E Lake Naivasha--Droughts even in good times
3°S 35°E Olduvai Gorge--Degrees of separation
1°S 35°E Maasai Mara--The Crash-Boom-Boom cycle
20°N 15°E Libya by moonlight--The last big step toward humans
52°N 5°E Layover Limbo (again)--The Little Ice Age and its witch hunts
56°N 13°E Copenhagens ice cores--Slow ice ages and abrupt whiplashes
56°N 13°E The plane where its always noon--How ice age climate got the shakes
60°N 11°E High above Oslo--The ocean has a conveyor belt
63°N 6°E Out over the sinking Gulf Stream--Dans coffee cream trick
71°N 8°W Jan Mayen Island--Flushing the Gulf Stream
72°N 12°W The Greenland Sea--Losing the first Panama Canal
74°N 19°W Greenland fjords--What stops the conveyor
75°N 40°W Atop Greenland--Why melting can cause cooling
78°N 69°W Thule--Rube Goldberg cause-and-effect
73°N 95°W Somerset Island--North Poles arent what they used to be
68°N 105°W Crossing the North American coast--How we might stabilize climate
62°N 114°W Yellowknife, Northwest Territories--Feedbacks in the greenhouse
49°N 123°W Bumpy border crossing--Managing high-risk situations
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