Table of contents for The collected poems and selected prose / Stanley Burnshaw ; foreword by Thomas F Stanley.

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Early and Late Testament (1952)
 Early and Late Testament
  Time of Brightness
   (First Testament)
   (Second Testament)
  The Iron Lands
  Do I Know Their Names?
  For a Workers' Road-Song
  All Day the Chill . . .
  Will You Remake These Worlds?
   (Third Testament)
  A Coil of Glass (I)
  Anchorage in Time (I)
   (Fourth Testament)
  This War Is Love
  A Coil of Glass (II)
  Hero Statues
   (Fifth Testament)
  Dialogue of the Heartbeat
  The Bridge
  Heartbeat Obbligato
  End of the Flower-World
   (Sixth Testament)
  Looking for Papa
  Among Trees of Light
  Coasts of Darkness
  In Strength of Singleness
   (Seventh Testament)
  It Was Never This Quiet . . .
  When Was It Lost?
  Voices in Dearness . . .
  Song Aspires to Silence
  Anchorage in Time (II)
   (Eighth Testament)
  Two Men Fell in the Irish Sea
 Poetry: The Art
 Odes and Lyrics
  To a Young Girl Sleeping
  Event in a Field
  The Fear
  Light Outlives All Shape
  Midnight: Deserted Pavements
  Random Pieces of a Man
  Waiting in Winter
  Outcast of the Waters
  Restful Ground
  Driving Song
  Willowy Wind
 The Hollow River
 Second-Hand Poems
  Anonymous Alba: En un vergier soiz folha d'albespi
  Orleans: Le temps a laissié
. . .
  Spire: Nudites
  Spire: Ce n'est pas toi . . .
  Spire: Nativite
  Spire: Un parfum eternel . . .
  Spire: Baisers
  Spire: Friselis
  Spire: Volupte
Caged in an Animal's Mind (1963)
 Thoughts about a Garden
  Historical Song of Then and Now
  Ravel and Bind
  Caged in an Animal's Mind
  Ancient of Nights
  Symbol Curse
  The Valley Between
  Thoughts about a Garden
  Petitioner Dogs
  Night of the Canyon Sun
  A Recurring Vision
  Midnight Wind to the Tossed
 The Axe of Eden
 Random Pieces of a Man
  Thoughts of the War and My Daughter
  A River
  Preparation for Self-Portrait in Black Stone
  Mornings of St. Croix
  Boy over a Stream
  Letter from One Who Could Not Cross the Frontier
  Voyage: Journal Entry
  Nightmare in a Workshop
  A Rose Song
  Guide's Speech on a Road near Delphi
  Song of Nothings: In the Mountain's Shadow at Delphi
  I Think among Blank Walls
  Seedling Air
  Three in Throes
  Modes of Belief
  House in St. Petersburg
 Time Is a Double Line
 Second-Hand Poems
  Akhmatova: The Muse
  George: Denk nicht zu viel . . .
  Éluard: L'Amoureuse
  Von Hofmannsthal: Eigene Sprache
  Alberti: El angel bueno
In the Terrified Radiance (1972)
 The Terrified Radiance
  The Terrified Radiance
  To a Crow
  Innocent War
  Gulls . . .
  Central Park: Midwinter
  The Finding Light
  Erstwhile Hunter
  Their Singing River (I)
  Not to Bereave . . .
  Underbreathing Song
  Emptiness . . .
 Women and Men
  Movie Poster on a Subway Wall
  End of a Visit
  The Echoing Shape
  Summer Morning Train to the City
  Women and Men
  What Plato Was
  Song of Succession
  En l'an . . .
  Dialogue of the Stone Other
  In the Coastal Cities
  Will of Choice
  Chanson Innocente
  The Rock
  Condor Festival
 Three Friends
  We Brought You Away As Before . . .
  Friend across the Ocean
 The Hero of Silence
  I. Dedication: An Eternity of Words
  II. Master and Pupils
  III. Soliloquy from a Window: Man and Flowers
  IV. Dialogue before Waking
  V. Fume
  VI. Into the Blond Torrent
  VII. The Waking
 Second-Hand Poems
  Paz: Mas allá
del amor
  Spire: Retour des Martinets
  Alberti: Cancion del angel sin suerte
  Alberti: El angel mentiroso
  Verhaeren: La Beche
  Akhmatova: from "The White Flock"
  Unamuno: Me destierro . . .
Mirages: Travel Notes in the Promised Land (1977)
 I. First Landscape
 II. Generations of Terror
 III. Blind Tale
 IV. Seventh-day Mirage
 V. The Rock
 VI. Talmudist
 VII. Marching Song
 VIII. Choices
Later Poems (1977- )
  Message to Someone Four Hundred Nights Away
  The House Hollow
  Florida Seaside
  Old Enough at Last to Be Unsolemn
  Mind, If You Mourn at All
  To Wake Each Dawn
  Their Singing River (II)
  Speech, the Thinking-Miracle
  Man on a Greensward
Social Poems of the Depression (from The New Masses and The Iron Land [1936])
  The Crane-Driver
  Street Song: New Style
  I, Jim Rogers
  Mr. Tubbe's Morning Service
Notes on the Poems
Selected Prose
 My Friend, My Father
 Stevens' "Mr. Burnshaw and the Statue"
 The Poem Itself: "Discussing Poems into English"
 Thomas Mann Translates "Tonio Kroger"
 A Future for Poetry: Planetary Maturity
 The Seamless Web
 Toward the "Knowable" Frost
Index of Poem Titles and First Lines

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