Table of contents for Skywatchers / by Anthony F. Aveni.

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I. Introduction: Archaeoastronomy and Its Components
 Archaeoastronomy: Twenty Years of Hindsight
 Additional Selected Readings
II. The Historical, Ethnographic, and Ethnological Background for Native American Astronomy
 The Civilizations of Ancient Mesoamerica
 Chroniclers and Codices
 Aztec Constellations
 Astronomy and the Ethnological Record: The Importance of the Zenith Solar Passage
 Additional Selected Readings
III. Astronomy with the Naked Eye
 The Celestial Sphere: Coordinate Reference Frames
 Charting the Sun's Movement
 The Moon, Eclipses, and Eclipse Cycles
 Cycles of the Planets
 Miscellaneous Observable Sky Phenomena
  A. Glossary of Astronomical Terms of Importance in Archaeoastronomy
  B. Factors Affecting the Precise Determination of Astronomical Orientations
  C. Heliacal Rise and Set Phenomena
  D. Determining the Approximate Date of Sunrise or Sunset for a Given Azimuth
  E. Change of Direction of the Magnetic Compass with Time in Mesoamerica
  F. Some Basic Formulas Useful for Fieldwork in Archaeoastronomy
  G. How to Determine Alignments with the Surveyor's Transit
 Additional Selected Readings, Electronic Resources, and Star Maps
IV. The Mathematical and Astronomical Content of the Mesoamerican Inscriptions
 A Brief History of Calendrical Decipherment
 The Mesoamerican Philosophy of Numbers
 The Long Count
 The Calendar Round
 The Union of Time and Space in Mesoamerican Cosmology
 How the Calendar Works
 The Supplementary Series and the Lunar Synodic Month
 Tropical Year Calculations
 Planetary Events in the Monumental Inscriptions
 Astronomy in the Maya Codices, I: General Content of the Codices
 Astronomy in the Maya Codices, II: Eclipses and Eclipse Tables
 Astronomy in the Maya Codices, III: Venus
 Astronomy in the Maya Codices, IV: A Mars Table
 Was There a Mesoamerican Zodiac?
  A. The Problem of the Correlation of Maya and Christian Dates
  B. A Scheme for the Conversion of Maya Dates
 Additional Selected Readings
V. Astronomy and Architecture in the Ancient Americas and Mediterranean Basin
 The Orientation Motive
 City and Cosmos: Urban Planning in Highland Mexico
 Cosmic Order in the Aztec Capital
 Maya Cities: Architecture and Sacred Landscape
 Specialized Architectural Assemblages
 North America
 The Andean World
 Summary: Astronomy in Ancient American Cultures
 Circum-Mediterranean Archaeoastronomy
 Appendix A. An Analysis of the Pecked Cross Petroglyphs
 Additional Selected Readings

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