Table of contents for Home to war : a history of the Vietnam veterans' movement / Gerald Nicosia.

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Prologue 1
Chapter 1
Coming Up with a Politics: Vietnam Veterans Against the War
1. Six Vets and a Banner
2. Tear Gas, Clubs, and Confetti: The Chicago Blues
3. Changing Directions
4. The GI Movement
5. Enter Al Hubbard

Chapter 2
Shared Nightmares: From Operation RAW to the Winter Soldier Investigation
1. On the Road to Valley Forge
2. A Spokesman Emerges: "Lincoln and Kennedy Combined"
3. War Crimes Testimony: Fonda, Lane, and "Brands of Swiss Cheese"
4. Breaking Down in Detroit: "I Didn't Know What Was Going On"
5. The World Begins to Listen

Chapter 3
A Limited Incursion into the Country of Congress: Dewey Canyon III
1. Preparing for the Assault
2. Shut Out at Arlington: The Crazy and the Dead
3. Outlaws on the Mall
4. Democracy in Action: Playing It for the Media
5. The Return of Medals: Forgiving the Living and Making Peace with the Dead
6. Aftershocks 144
7. Nixon Hits Back, and the POW Movement Is Born

Chapter 4
Invisible Wounds: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
1. The Rap Groups: An Intuitive Sort of Trust
2. A Crisis of Identity: Lifton and Shatan "Join the Veterans' Club"
3. Sarah Haley Starts a Revolution in Boston: "When the Patient Reports Atrocities"
4. A Community of Healing Forms: The First National Conference in St. Louis, 1973
5. Turning the Psychiatric Guns Around: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Gets Recognized

Chapter 5
Trampling on the Bill of Rights: The Gainesville Conspiracy
1. Winning Battles and Losing the War: From Operation Heart of America to Operation Peace on Earth
2. Caught Between the Maoists and the Police: The Winter Soldier Organization
3. The Government Indicts the Veterans' Movement
4. Kovic Confronts the Florida National Guard: A Call to Revolution
5. The Battle of Miami Beach 240
6. One Stressed-Out Agent Provocateur and a Roomful of Macho Vets
7. Peace with Honor; Heroes Dishonored
8. "Innuendo and Supposition," and FBI Agents with Earphones
9. "Is Perjury Part of a Prosecutor's Duty?"
10. Winners with a Broken Back

Chapter 6
Unfinished Business: The War Against the VA
1. John Musgrave and the Walking Dead, USMC
2. The Men Who Got Left Behind 293
3. "Bad Paper" and "A Friend in the White House"
4. Vietnam Veterans Day Without the Veterans, and a VA Chief Too Busy for His Clients
5. Dewey Canyon IV: Defeat in Washington
6. Kovic Meets Unger: The Patients'/Workers' Rights Committee in Long Beach 315
7. The American Veterans Movement
8. Two "Motherfuckers," Two "Godfathers," and the Dream of "A Fair Shake" for Veterans
9. The Second American Veterans' Bonus March
10. A Tutorial in the VA Administrator's Office -- Complete with Hammer and Nails
11. Universal and Hypocritical Amnesty

Chapter 7
Too Little Too Late: Operation Outreach
1. Two New Champions Enter the Fray: Max Cleland and Stuart Feldman
2. A New GI Bill over Danishes and Coffee, and Muller and Kovic Part Company
3. Fighting Back: Muller Takes On the Whole Government, and Dave Christian Takes On Jimmy Carter
4. Frank McCarthy Springs a Series of Ambushes, and Another Vietnam Veteran Leader Goes Down

Chapter 8
An Indictment of the System: The Wadsworth Strike
1. The Hostages Are Welcomed Back, and Ronald Reagan Takes Aim at the Vet Centers
2. Jim Hopkins: A Marine Twice Betrayed
3. From Protest to Circus: Meshad and Muller Battle Kovic and Bitzer
4. Tents in Lafayette Park: The Hunger Strike Moves to Washington
5. The Cost of a 10-Second Jeep Ride: "This Protest Isn't Over"

Chapter 9
The Specter of Chemical Warfare: Agent Orange
1. Victor Yannacone Takes On "A Walking Wounded, Sick, and Dying Army" 434
2. "Breaking Balloons": The Filing of the Class Action Lawsuit and the Birth of "The Cause"
3. An Eight-Year-Old Stick of Dynamite Cracks the Government's Armor
4. The VA's Agent Orange Exam and Other Smoke Screens 456
5. The California State Hearings: The Politics of Science and the Manipulation of Certainty
6. The Ranch Hand Study and the Work of Dr. Ton That Tung
7. "Keeping the Door to the Courthouse Open": Yannacone & Associates Win Several Victories
8. The "Smoking Gun" Is Found, and Vietnam Vets Get An Image Upgrade
9. VVA Returns to Take On Agent Orange, Negotiations Falter, and a Plot Takes Root to Unseat Yannacone
10. Yannacone Goes Out, Judge Weinstein Comes In, and the Race to Trial Begins
Chapter 10
Decade of Betrayal: The Vet Centers in the Eighties
1. Horses Get Traded, and the Readjustment Counseling Program Gets Up and Running
2. "A Conflicted Program": Crawford and Meshad Go Head to Head
3. The Push Toward Medical Credentials: Crawford Gets Shot Down, and Art Blank Steps into His Shoes
4. The Vet Centers in Crisis: Body Count, Fleeing Counselors, and a Silent Director
5. Blank Starts Bringing in the Centers, and Meshad and Blank Go to War
6. The Waller Street Vet Center: "They Just Didn't Know How Far We'd Take It"
7. "Promises to Dead Men": The Power to Heal

Chapter 11
The Price of War: Settlement of the Class Action Lawsuit and "One Small Step Toward Resolution"
1. Relentless Persuasion and the Biggest Fizzle -- Out in the History of Tort Law
2. Weinstein's Fairness Hearings: "I Believe You're Naive, Your Honor"
3. Everyone Gets Paid, Except for Most of the Veterans
4. Dennis Rhoades Puts On His Blue Jeans, and More Than 100,000 Families Get Help
5. New Studies Incriminate Agent Orange, and the Reagan White House Undertakes Damage Control
6. "The Curses of Witches and Warlocks": The VA Tips the Scales, Then Admiral Zumwalt Cuts the Knot
7. A New Standard for Veterans Is Created . . . by a New War
8. A New Generation of Veterans Learns from the Unfinished Business of the Last One
The Long View of History: An Epilogue

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