Table of contents for Religions of Japan in practice / George J. Tanabe, Jr., editor.

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Princeton Readings in Religions
Note on Transliteration, Names, and Abbreviations
Contents by Chronology
Contents by Tradition
Ethical Practices
Social Values
1Selected Anecdotes to Illustrate Ten Maxims25
2Kaibara Ekken's Precepts on the Family38
3The Shingaku of Nakazawa Doni53
Clerical Precepts
4Eisai's Promotion of Zen for the Protection of the Country63
5Shingon's Jiun Sonja and His "Vinaya of the True Dharma" Movement71
6A Refutation of Clerical Marriage78
Lay Precepts
7Eison and the Shingon Vinaya Sect89
8Kokan Shiren's Zen Precept Procedures98
Ritual Practices
9Records of the Customs and Land of Izumo113
10Miraculous Tales of the Hasedera Kannon117
11Japanese Puppetry: From Ritual Performance to Stage Entertainment124
12The Shinto Wedding Ceremony: A Modern Norito135
13Tama Belief and Practice in Ancient Japan141
14Japan's First Shingon Ceremony153
15Shingon Services for the Dead159
16Genshin's Deathbed Nembutsu Ritual in Pure Land Buddhism166
17Women and Japanese Buddhism: Tales of Birth in the Pure Land176
18Epic and Religious Propaganda from the Ippen School of Pure Land Buddhism185
19Buddhism and Abortion: "The Way to Memorialize One's Mizuko"193
Rituals of Realization
20The Contemplation of Suchness199
21The Purification Formula of the Nakatomi210
22Dogen's Lancet of Seated Meditation220
23Chido's Dreams of Buddhism235
24A Japanese Shugendo Apocryphal Text246
25On Attaining the Settled Mind: The Condition of the Nembutsu Practitioner257
26Plain Words on the Pure Land Way268
27Shinran's Faith as Immediate Fulfillment in Pure Land Buddhism280
Institutional Practices
Court and Emperor
28The Confucian Monarchy of Nara Japan293
29The Founding of the Monastery Gangoji and a List of Its Treasures299
30Hagiography and History: The Image of Prince Shotoku316
31Nationalistic Shinto: A Child's Guide to Yasukuni Shrine334
Sectarian Founders, Wizards, and Heroes
32En the Ascetic343
33The Founding of Mount Koya and Kukai's Eternal Meditation354
34Legends, Miracles, and Faith in Kobo Daishi and the Shikoku Pilgrimage360
35A Personal Account of the Life of the Venerable Genku370
36Priest Nisshin's Ordeals384
37Makuya: Prayer, Receiving the Holy Spirit, and Bible Study398
Orthopraxis and Orthodoxy
38Muju Ichien's Shinto-Buddhist Syncretism415
39Contested Orthodoxies in Five Mountains Zen Buddhism423
40Motoori Norinaga on the Two Shrines at Ise435
41Shinto in the History of Japanese Religion: An Essay by Kuroda Toshio451
42Sasaki Shoten: Toward a Postmodern Shinshu Theology468
43Contemporary Zen Buddhist Tracts for the Laity: Grassroots Buddhism in Japan487
Special Places
44Keizan's Dream History501
45Tokeiji: Kamakura's "Divorce Temple" in Edo Popular Verse523
AppChinese Romanization Conversion Tables551

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