Table of contents for Is the temperature rising? : the uncertain science of global warming / S. George Philander.

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1Between the Idea and the Reality3
2Is Our Planet Fragile or Robust?11
3Light and Air31
4Why the Peak of a Mountain Is Cold55
5Capricious Clouds76
6The Climate Tapestry89
7Weather, the Music of Our Sphere106
8The Ocean in Motion125
9El Nino, La Nina, and the Southern Oscillation143
10The Paradox of the Faint Sun but Warm Earth161
11Why Summer Is Warmer than Winter: The Cycles of Seasons and of Ice Ages170
12The Ozone Hole, a Cautionary Tale183
13Global Warming, Risky Business191
App. A1.1Exponential Growth and Decay209
App. A1.2Establishing a Chronology210
App. A2.1Gaia214
App. A2.2Chaos215
App. A3.1Earthshine217
App. A3.2The Scattering of Light217
App. A3.3Blackbody Radiation218
App. A3.4Effective Temperatures of the Planets219
App. A3.5The Greenhouse Effect221
App. A4.1The Scale Height of the Atmosphere226
App. A4.2The Adiabatic Lapse Rate228
App. A5.1Measuring Moisture in the Atmosphere231
App. A5.2Earth's Energy Budget232
App. A5.3How Many of Your Molecules Have Been to the Moon?233
App. A6.1Conservation of Angular Momentum234
App. A6.2The Coriolis Force235
App. A6.3Shape of Earth237
App. A6.4Gradient Winds237
App. A7.1Predicting the Weather240
App. A8.1The Seasonal Thermocline242
App. A8.2The Perpetual Salt Fountain242
App. 9El Nino, La Nina, and the Southern Oscillation244
App. A10.1Weathering246
App. A10.2Properties of the Planets247
App. 11Earth's Sensitivity to Perturbations248
App. 12The Ozone Layer249
App. 13Global Warming250

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