Table of contents for Religions of Tibet in practice / Donald S. Lopez, Jr., editor.

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Princeton Readings in Religions
Note on Transliteration
1Gesar of Ling39
2The Royal Way of Supreme Compassion69
3A Tribal History77
4Bon Rescues Dharma98
5The Guide to the Crystal Peak103
6Guidebook to Lapchi120
7The Life of Tilopa137
8Atisa's Journey to Tibet157
9The Journey to the Golden Mountain178
10A Quest for "The Path and Result"188
11The Yogin Lorepa's Retreat at Lake Namtso200
12Memories of a Past Life212
13A Rite of Empowerment225
14The Horseback Consecration Ritual234
15An Offering of Torma255
16An Avalokitesvara Sadhana266
17A Fasting Ritual271
18Food, Clothes, Dreams, and Karmic Propensities293
19The Elements, Insanity, and Lettered Subjectivity313
20The Regulations of a Monastery335
21The Sermon of an Itinerant Saint355
22From the Autobiography of a Visionary369
23A Prayer to the Lama376
24A Prayer to the God of the Plain387
25Invocations to Two Bon Deities395
26A Smoke Purification Song401
27Daily Prayers406
28Mindfulness of Death421
29A Prayer for Deliverance from Rebirth442
30Dying, Death, and Other Opportunities458
31Cards for the Dead494
32Returning from Hell499
33Exorcising Demons with a Buddhist Sutra511
34Turning Back Gossip527
35Hail Protection538
36A Prayer Flag for Tara548

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