Table of contents for The evolving female : a life-history perspective / Mary Ellen Morbeck, Alison Galloway, and Adrienne L. Zihlman, editors.

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What Is Life History?
1Life History, the Individual, and Evolution3
2Changing Views of Female Life Histories15
What It Means to Be a Mammal29
3Sea Lions, Life History, and Reproduction34
4Life History and Reproductive Success of Female Northern Elephant Seals46
What It Means to Be a Primate55
5Social Relationships and Life Histories of Primates60
6Development of Sex Differences in Nonhuman Primates69
7The Social Life of Female Japanese Monkeys76
8Natural History of Apes: Life-History Features in Females and Males86
What It Means to Be a Catarrhine107
9Reading Life History in Teeth, Bones, and Fossils117
10The Cost of Reproduction and the Evolution of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis132
11The Biological Origins of Adipose Tissue in Humans147
12Female Primates: Fat or Fit?163
What It Means to Be a Human179
13Women's Bodies, Women's Lives: An Evolutionary Perspective185
14Sex Differences in Human Populations: Change through Time198
15Growing Up Female in a Farmer Community and a Forager Community209
16Institutional, Evolutionary, and Demographic Contexts of Gender Roles: A Case Study of !Kung Bushmen220
17Women's Work and Energetics: A Case Study from Nepal233
18Flexibility and Paradox: The Nature of Adaptation in Human Reproduction242
Life History, Females, and Evolution261
19Social Intelligence and Sexual Reproduction: Evolutionary Strategies262
20Life History, Females, and Evolution: A Commentary270
Literature Cited277

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