Table of contents for General theory of relativity / P.A.M. Dirac.

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1Special Relativity1
2Oblique Axes3
3Curvilinear Coordinates5
5Curved Space9
6Parallel Displacement10
7Christoffel Symbols12
9The Stationary Property of Geodesics16
10Covariant Differentiation17
11The Curvature Tensor20
12The Condition for Flat Space22
13The Bianchi Relations23
14The Ricci Tensor24
15Einstein's Law of Gravitation25
16The Newtonian Approximation26
17The Gravitational Red Shift29
18The Schwarzchild Solution30
19Black Holes32
20Tensor Densities36
21Gauss and Stokes Theorems38
22Harmonic Coordinates40
23The Electromagnetic Field41
24Modification of the Einstein Equations by the Presence of Matter43
25The Material Energy Tensor45
26The Gravitational Action Principle48
27The Action for a Continuous Distribution of Matter50
28The Action for the Electromagnetic Field54
29The Action for Charged Matter55
30The Comprehensive Action Principle58
31The Pseudo-Energy Tensor of the Gravitational Field61
32Explicit Expression for the Pseudo-Tensor63
33Gravitational Waves64
34The Polarization of Gravitational Waves66
35The Cosmological Term68