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Table of Contents

How Do I Study History o NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Reference Atlas o NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Geography Handbook Be An Active Reader UNIT 1 Different Worlds Meet Beginnings to 1625 The First Americans, Prehistory to 1492 Exploring the Americas, 1400-1625 UNIT 2 Colonial Settlement 1587-1770 Colonial America, 1587-1770 The Colonies Grow, 1607-1770 UNIT 3 Creating a Nation 1763-1791 Road to Independence, 1763-1776 The American Revolution, 1776-1783 A More Perfect Union, 1777-1790 Civics in Action: A Citizenship Handbook The Constitution of the United States UNIT 4 The New Republic 1789-1825 A New Nation, 1789-1800 The Jefferson Era, 1800-1816 Growth and Expansion, 1790-1825 UNIT 5 The Growing Nation 1820-1860 The Jackson Era, 1824-1845 Manifest Destiny, 1818-1853 North and South, 1820-1860 The Age of Reform, 1820-1860 UNIT 6 Civil War and Reconstruction 1846-1896 Road to Civil War, 1820-1861 The Civil War, 1861-1865 Reconstruction and Its Aftermath, 1865-1896 UNIT 7 Reshaping the Nation 1858-1914 The Western Frontier, 1858-1896 The Growth of Industry, 1865-1914 Toward and Urban America, 1865-1914 UNIT 8 Reform, Expansion, and War 1865-1920 Progressive Reforms, 1877-1920 Overseas Expansion, 1865-1917 World War 1, 1914-1919 UNIT 9 Turbulent Decades 1919-1945 The Jazz Age, 1919-1929 The Depression and FDR, 1929-1941 World War II, 1939-1945 UNIT 10 Turning Points 1945-1975 The Cold War Era, 1945-1954 America in the 1950s, 1953-1960 The Civil Rights Era, 1954-1973 The Vietnam Era, 1960-1975 UNIT 11 Modern America 1968-Present Search for Stability, 1968-1981 New Challenges, 1981-Present Appendix Primary Source Library


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