Table of contents for Physical fitness : the pathway to healthful living / Robert V. Hockey.

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1 Exercise and Wellness 
2 Physical Fitness - Basic Concepts 
3 Cardiovascular Endurance 
4 Development of Cardiovascular Endurance 
5 Strength and Muscular Endurance 
6 Flexibility 
7 Nutrition and Fitness 
8 Exercise and Body Composition 
9 Weight Management 
10 Stress Management 
11 Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease 
12 Personalizing Your Fitness Program 

A Food Exchange Lists 
B Nutritional Information for Selected Foods 
C Nutritional Information for Selected Fast-Food Restaurants 
1-1 Your Personal Prevention Index 
1-2 Health and Wellness Questionnaire 
1-3 Self Evaluation (Lifestyle Habits) 
2-1 Subjective Evaluation of Present Level of Physical Fitness 
3-1 Measuring and Determining Your Resting Heart Rate 
3-2 Measuring Your Blood Pressure 
3-3 Determination of Exercise Heart Rate Without a Monitor 
3-4 Measurement of Cardiovascular Endurance: 12-Minute Run Test 
3-5 Measurement of Cardiovascular Endurance: 1-1/2 Mile Run 
3-6 Measurement of Cardiovascular Endurance: The Step Test 
4-1 Determining Your Correct Pace for Walking or Jogging 
5-1 Measurement of Strength 
5-2 Measurement of Muscular Endurance 
5-3 Evaluating Muscular Endurance Using Weights or Weight Machine 
6-1 Measurement of Flexibility: Trunk Flexion-Sit and Reach Test 
6-2 Measurement of Flexibility: Trunk Extension 
6-3 Measurement of Flexibility: Shoulder Lift Test 
7-1 Estimating Your Daily Fiber Intake 
7-2 Estimation and Analysis of Daily Caloric Intake 
8-1 Determination of Percentage Overweight 
8-2 Evaluation of Weight Using the Body Mass Index 
8-3 Determination of Percentage of Body Fat 
8-4 Determination of Desirable Weight 
8-5 Determination of Daily Caloric Expenditure 
9-1 Do Your Daily Habits Encourage Weight Management? 
9-2 Learning About Your Eating Habits 
9-3 Evaluating the Consistency of Your Eating and Exercise Habits 
10-1 Determining Your Stress Level 
10-2 Positive and Negative Coping Skills 
11-1 Arizona Heart Institute Cardiovascular Risk Factor Analysis 
12-1 Personal Fitness Contract 204891.html
1 An Orientation to Small Groups in American Organizations 
2 What You Should Know about Small Group Processes and Functions 
3 What You Should Know About Communication in the Small Group 
4 Participating in the Small Group 
5 Leading the Small Group 
6 Decision-Making and the Small Group 
7 Implementing Decisions 
8 Strategies for Improving Your Communication in Small Groups 
9 Strategies for Improving the Communication Skills of Others in Small Groups 
10 Observing and Evaluating Small Groups 
11 How to Use the Skills You've Learned

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