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1 A View of Life1 The Cell2 Basic Chemistry3 The Chemistry of Organic Molecules4 Cell Structure and Function5 Membrane Structure and Function6 Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes7 Photosynthesis8 Cellular Respiration2 Genetic Basis of Life9 The Cell Cycle and Cellular Reproduction 10 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction11 Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance12 Chromosomal Patterns of Inheritance13 DNA Structure and Functions14 Gene Activity: How Genes Work15 Regulation of Gene Activity and Genetic Mutations16 Biotechnology and Genomics3 Evolution17 Darwin and Evolution18 Process of Evolution19 Origin and History of Life20 Classification of Living Things4 Microbiology and Evolution21 Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea22 The Protists23 The Fungi5 Plant Evolution and Biology24 Evolution and Diversity of Plants25 Structure and Organization of Plants26 Nutrition and Transport in Plants27 Control of Growth and Responses in Plants28 Reproduction in Plants6 Animal Evolution29 Introduction to Invertebrates30 The Protostomes31 The Deuterostomes32 Human Evolution7 Comparative Animal Biology33 Animal Organization and Homeostasis34 Circulation35 Lymph Transport and Immunity36 Digestion and Nutrition37 Respiration38 Body Fluid Regulation and Excretion39 Neurons and Nervous Systems40 Sense Organs41 Support Systems and Locomotion42 Hormones and Endocrine Systems43 Reproduction44 Development8 Behavior and Ecology45 Animal Behavior46 Ecology of Populations47 Community Ecology48 Ecosystems and Human Interferences49 The Biosphere 50 Conservation BiologyAppendix A Answer KeyAppendix B Classification of OrganismsAppendix C Metric SystemAppendix D Periodic Table of the Elements

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