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 1. Issues in Science 
 Science in Perspective / Interview:  Oliver Sacks, Red:  The Mystery of Color / Carl Zimmer, Emerging Secrets:  Clues to Pre-Human Evolution / Review:  Lynn Margulis, Microorganisms:  Invisible Empire / Shannon Brownlee, Cancer’s Bad Seeds / Review:  Lisbet Koerner, Marie Curie:  A Life by Susan Quinn / Sidney Perkovitz, Quantum Technology and Common Sense / Stephen Hawking, Einstein’s Dream / Forum:  Scientists and Science Ethics / Rachael Carson, Our War against Nature / Deborah Blum, The Monkey Wars / Elissa Ely, Dreaming of Disconnecting a Respirator / 

 2. Issues in Social Science 
 Social Science in Perspective / Interview:  Studs Turkel, Joe Gutierrez, On the Job / Lisa Skow and Larry A. Samovar, Cultural Patterns of the Maasai / William J. Doherty, Private Lives, Public Values / Orlando Patterson, The Paradox of Integration / Arturo Madrid, Diversity and Its Discontents / Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Was America a Mistake? / Jonathan Kozol, Distancing the Homeless / Ynestra King, The Other Body:  Difference, Disability, and Identity Politics / Forum:  How Smart Are Intelligence Tests? / Review:  Leon J. Kamin, Behind the Curve / Nancy Gibbs, The E. Q. Factor / 

 3. Issues in Business 
 Business in Perspective / Paul Samuelson, Supply and Demand / William Ouchi, The Competitive Edge:  Japanese and Americans / Lester C. Thurow, The New Economics of High Tech / Amy Cortese and Kathy Rebello, The Marketing of Windows 95 / Deborah Cramer, Troubled Waters:  Regulating the Fisheries / Nina Munk, Canada’s Culture Cops / Paula Dwyer and William Glascall, The Lesson from Barings’ Straits / Forum:  Business and the Consumer / Leah Garchik, Astroturf Lobbyists Sprout All Over / Mark Kramer, The Ruination of the Tomato / Jonahan Alter, The Cave on Tobacco Road / 

 4. Issues in the Humanities 
 The Humanities in Perspective / Poem:  Wendell Berry, The Peace of Wild Things / Poem:  Marge Piercy, Simple Song / Poem:  Walt Whitman, A Glimpse / Poem:  May Swenson, Question / Poem:  Lorna Dee Cervantes, Refugee Ship / Short Story:  Mary Robinson, You / Autobiography:  Nathan McCall, Time / Toni Morrison, Cinderella’s Stepsisters / Amoja Three Rivers, Cultural Etiquette:  A Guide / Joyce Carol Oates, Rape and the Boxing Ring / Forum:  Government and the Arts / Robert Hughes, Why America Shouldn’t Kill Cultural Funding / Robert Brustein, The Smashing of the Bell / 

 5. Issues in Communication 
 Communication in Perspective / News Report:  Myron Stokes and David Zeman, The Shame of the City / News Analysis:  Richard Lacayo, Anatomy of a Disaster / Fox Butterfield, Video of “Racist” Event Challenged / Carl Bernstein, The Idiot Culture / Stanley Crouch, Michael Jackson:  Moby Dick of Pop / Jessica Hagedorn, Asian Women in Film:  No Joy, No Luck / Jean Albronda Heaton and Nona Leigh Wilson, Talk TV:  Tuning in to Trouble / Forum:  Voyaging in Cyberspace / Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Bards of the Internet / Edward Baig, A Cyberfest for Culture Lovers / Gary Chapman, Flamers / 

 6. Issues in Career Education 
 Career Education in Perspective / Joanne Jacobs, Job One:  Education / Roger E. Swardson, Downsizing Hits Home / Hedrick Smith, Preparing for Life in the Real World / Leon Lederman, Blackboard Bungle / Ellen Papazian, Are Nurses Being Phased Out? / Interview:  Lani Guinier and Karen Burstein, Affirmative Action:  What’s Fair? / Evan Thomas and Bob Cohn, Rethinking the Dream / Forum:  Gender in the Workplace / Interview:  Katie Monagle, Work:  Mabel Dole Haden and Marley Shebala / Barbara Ehrenreich, The Next Wave / Perri Klass, Are Women Doctors Different? / 

 7. Interdisciplinary Perspectives 
 Interdisciplinary Approaches in Perspective / Plato, Educating the Guardians / Eric Hoffer, God and the Machine Age / Howard E. Gruber, Darwin’s Imagery:  The “Tree of Nature” / Marcia Angell, Science and the Law:  Are Breast Implants Actually OK? / Charlene Spretnak, Wholly Writ:  Women’s Spirituality / Randall E. Majors, America’s Emerging Gay Culture / Research Paper:  Bryan Sun, Chaos and Complexity:  An Approaching Reality / Forum:  Rethinking Nuclear War / Alan Cranston:  Dropping the A-Bomb:  The Non-Event / Paul Gray, Doomsdays / Howard Chua-Eoan, The Clash of Cultures / 


 8. Reading Strategies 
  Close Reading / Responding to Clues / Taking Notes / Drawing on a Text:  Quotation and Paraphrase / Synthesis:  Correlating Texts / Reading On-Line / Robert Kuttner, Needed:  A Two-Way Social Contract in the Workplace / 

 9. Writing As Process 
 Discovering Your Purpose / Writing for an Audience / Working Up Material / Shaping a First Draft / Revising and Rethinking / Editing and Proofreading / Computer Writing, Collaborative Writing, Interactive Writing / 

 10. Writing Strategies 
 Tracing the Process / Generalizing:  Charting the Trend / Classification:  Sorting Out / Structuring a Comparison / Cause and Effect:  Problem to Solution / Weighing Pro and Con / Defining a Key Term / Argument:  Making Your Case / Persuading Your Audience / 

 11. Practical Prose Forms 
 Abstract, Condensation, Summary, Review / Interviews / Proposal Writing / Report Writing / Surveys and Questionnaires / 

 12. Research Strategies 
 Focusing on a Topic / Initiating Your Search / Gathering:  Taking Notes / Shaping:  Organizing and Drafting / Revising / Documentation Styles:  MLA, APA, and Other / Avoiding Plagiarism / Parenthetical Documentation:  MLA / Works Cited Directory:  MLA / Sample Research Paper:  MLA / Documentation Style:  APA / References Directory:  APA / Sample Research Paper Pages:  APA / 

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