Table of contents for Introduction to languages and the theory of computation / John Martin.

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 I Mathematical Notation and Techniques
 1 Basic Mathematical Objects
 2 Mathematical Induction and Recursive Definitions
 II Regular Languages and Finite Automata
 3 Regular Languages and Finie Automata
 4 Nondeterminism and Kleene's Theorem
 5 Regular and Nonregular Languages
 III Context-Free Languages and Pushdown Automata
 6 Context-Free Grammars
 7 Pushdown Automata
 8 Context-Free and Non-Context-Free Languages
 IV Turing Machines and Their Languages
 9 Turing Machines
 10 Recursively Enumerable Languages
 V Unsolvable Problems and Computable Functions
 11 Unsolvable Problems
 12 Computable Functions
 VI Introduction to Computational Complexity
 13 Measuring and Classifying Complexity
 14 Tractable and Intractable Problems

Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Sequential machine theory, Computable functions