Table of contents for Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college physics / Frederick J. Bueche, Eugene Hecht.

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Introduction to Vectors.
Uniformly Accelerated Motion.
Newton's Laws.
Equilibirum Under the Action of Concurrent Forces.
Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Under Coplanar Forces.
Work, Energy, and Power.
Simple Machines.
Impulse and Momentum.
Angular Motion in a Plane.
Rigid-Body Rotation.
Simple Harmonic Motion and Springs.
Fluids at Rest.
Fluids in Motion.
Thermal Expansion.
Ideal Gases.
Kinetic Theory.
Heat Quantities.
Transfer of Heat Energy.
First Law of Thermodynamics.
Entropy and the Second Law.
Wave Motion.
Coulomb's Law and Electric Fields.
Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law.
Electrical Power.
Equivalent Resistance.
Simple Circuits.
Kirchhoff's Laws.
Forces in Magnetic Fields.
Sources of Magnetic Fields.
Induced EMF.
Magnetic Flux.
Electric Generators and Motors.
R-C and R-L Time Constants.
Alternnating Current.
Reflection of Light.
Refraction of Light.
Thin Lenses.
Optical Instruments.
Interference and Diffraction of Light.
Quantum Physics and Wave Mechanics.
The Hydrogen Atom.
Multielectron Atoms.
Nuclei and Radioactivity.
Applied Nuclear Physics.

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