Table of contents for The philosophy of art : readings ancient and modern / Alex Neill, Aaron Ridley.

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Plato: The Ion (Woodruff translation).
Wordsworth: Preface to the 1800 edition of Lyrical Ballads.
Nietzsche: "Attempt at a Self-Criticism," and extensive excerpts from sections 1-15 of The Birth
of Tragedy (Kaufmann translation).
Freud: "Creative Writers and Day-dreaming" (Grant Duff translation).
Eliot: "Tradition and the Individual Talent."
Beardsley: "On the Creation of Art."
John Dewey: "Having an Experience."
Hans-Georg Gadamer: "The Play of Art," from The Relevance of the Beautiful.
Christine Battersby: "The Male Gift" and "The Great +I AM'," Chapters 4 and 5 of Gender and Genius.

Form and Content.
Clive Bell: "The Aesthetic Hypothesis," from Art.
Clement Greenberg: "Modernist Painting."
R. G. Collingwood: Excerpts from the Introduction and Book I, "Art and Not Art," of The Principles of Art.
R. K. Elliott: "Aesthetic Theory and the Experience of Art."
The Project of Definition
Morris Weitz: "The Role of Theory in Aesthetics."
Maurice Mandelbaum: "Family Resemblances and Generalizations Concerning the Arts."
Arthur C. Danto: "The Artworld."
George Dickie: "The New Institutional Theory of Art."
Jerrold Levinson: "Defining Art Historically."
Richard Eldridge: "Form and Content: An Aesthetic Theory of Art."

The Logic of Taste.
David Hume: "Of the Standard of Taste."
Immanuel Kant: "Analytic of the Beautiful."
Edward Bullough, "Psychical Distance."
Frank Sibley, "Aesthetic Concepts. 
Kendall Walton: "Categories of Art." 
Stanley Cavell: "Aesthetic Judgment and a Philosophical Claim."
Arnold Isenberg: "Critical Communication."
Intention and Interpretation.
Dewey: "Having an Experience," from Art as Experience.
Wimsatt & Beardsley: "The Intentional Fallacy."
Roland Barthes: "The Death of the Author," from Image-Music-Text.
E. D. Hirsch: "In Defense of the Author" (Chapter 1 of Validity in Interpretation).
Richard Wollheim: "Criticism as Retrieval."
Michael Baxandall: "Intentional Visual Interest" from Chapter 2 of Patterns of Intention.
Jenefer Robinson: "Style and Personality in the Literary Work."
Beardsley: "The Testability of an Interpretation."
Stanley Fish: "Is There a Text in this Class?"
Susan Sontag: "Against Interpretation."

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John Dewey: "Art and Civilization," from Art as Experience. 
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Monroe C. Beardsley: "The Arts in the Life of Man," from Aesthetics: Problems in the Philosophy of Criticism.
Linda Nochlin: "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?"

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