Table of contents for Transcultural nursing in the new millennium : concepts, theories, research & practice / authors, Madeleine Leininger, Marilyn R. McFarland.

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Section I: Transcultural Nursing: Essential Knowledge Dimensions 
1	Transcultural Nursing and the Globalization of Health Care: Importance, Focus, and Historical Aspects
2	Essential Transcultural Nursing Care Concepts, Principles, Examples, and Policy Statements
3	Part I: The Theory of Culture Care and Ethnonursing Research Method
    Part II: Selected Research Findings from the Culture Care Theory
4	Culture Care Assessments for Congruent Competency Practices
5	Part I. Toward Integrative Generic and Professional Health Care
	Part II. Ethics of Alternative Medicine: Primum Non Nocere 
6	The Biocultural Basis of Transcultural Nursing
7	Western Ethical, Moral, and Legal Dimensions within the Culture care Theory
Section II:  Special Topics in Transcultural Nursing
8	Cultures and Tribes of Nursing, Hospitals, and the Medicine Culture
9	Transcultural Food Functions, Beliefs, and Practices
10	Lifecycle Culturally Based Care and Health Patterns of the Gadsup of 
New Guinea: A Non-Western Culture
11	Transcultural Mental Health Nursing
12	Transcultural Nursing Care and Health Perspectives of HIV/AIDS
13	Urban USA Transcultural Care Challenges with Multiple Cultures 
and Culturally Diverse Providers
14	Ethical, Moral, and Legal Aspects of Transcultural Nursing
Section III: Culture Care Theory, Research, and Practice in Diverse Cultures
15	Anglo-American (United States) Culture Care Values, Beliefs, and Lifeways
16	Arab Muslims and Culture Care
17	African American and Culture Care
18	South African Culturally Based Health - Illness Patterns and Humanistic Care Practices
19	Family Violence and Culture Care with African and Euro-American 
Cultures in the United States
20	Elder Care in Urban Namibian Families: An Ethnonursing Study
21	Culture Care of the Mexican American Family
22	Philippine American Culture Care
23	Culture Care Theory and Elderly Polish American
24	Finnish Women in Birth: Culture Care Meanings and Practices
25	Taiwanese Americans Culture Care Meanings and Expressions
26	Transcultural Nursing and Health Care among Native American Peoples
27	Lithuanian Americans and Culture Care
28	Japanese Americans and Culture Care
29	Jewish Americans and Russian Jews Culture Care
30	India: Transcultural Nursing and Health Care
31	Canadian Transcultural Nursing: Trends and Issues
32	Culture Care of the Homeless in Western United States
33	Reflections on Australia and Transcultural Nursing in the New Millennium
Section IV: Transcultural Nursing Teaching, Administration, and Consultation
34	Transcultural Nursing: Curricular Concepts, Principles, and Teaching and Learning Activities for the 21st Century
35	Transcultural Nursing Administration and Consultation
Section V. The Future of Transcultural Nursing 
36	The Future of Transcultural Nursing: A Global Perspective 

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