Table of contents for Antennas for all applications / John D. Kraus, Ronald J. Marhefka.

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 1 Introduction
 2 Antenna Basics
 3 The Antenna Family
 4 Point Sources
 5 Arrays of Point Sources
 6 The Electric Dipole and Thin Linear Antennas
 7 The Loop Antenna
 8 End Fire Antennas: The Helical Beam Antenna and the Yagi-Uda Array
 9 Slot, Patch and Horn Antennas
 9II Slot and Horn Antennas II
 10 Flat Sheet, Corner and Parabolic Reflector Antennas
 11 Broadband and Frequency-Independent Antennas
 12 Antenna Temperature, Remote Sensing and Radar Cross-Section
 13 Self and Mutual Impedances
 14 The Cylindrical Antenna and the Moment Method (MM)
 15 The Fourier Transform Relation Between Aperture Distribution and Far-Field Pattern
 16 Arrays of Dipoles and of Apertures
 17 Lens Antennas
 18 Frequency-Selective Surfaces and Periodic Structures by Ben A. Munk
 19 Practical Design Considerations of Large Aperture Antennas
 20 Some Examples of Large or Unique Antennas
 21 Antennas for Special Applications
 22 Terahertz Antennas
 23 Baluns, etc. By Ben A. Munk
 24 Antenna Measurements. By Arto Lehto and Pertti Vainikainen
 Appendix A Tables for Reference
 Appendix B Books and Video Tapes
 Appendix C Computer Programs (Codes)
 Appendix D Absorbing Materials
 Appendix E Measurement Error