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 Section I: Human Pregnancy.
 Chapter 1: Obstetrics in Broad Perspective.
 Chapter 2: Pregnancy: Overview, Organization, and Diagnosis.
 Chapter 3: Anatomy of the Reproductive Tract.
 Section II: Physiology of Pregnancy.
 Chapter 4: The Endometrium and Decidua: Menstruation and Pregnancy.
 Chapter 5: The Placenta and Fetal Membranes.
 Chapter 6: The Placental Hormones.
 Chapter 7: Fetal Growth and Development.
 Chapter 8: Maternal Adaptations to Pregnancy.
 Section III: Pregnancy Planning and Antepartum Management.
 Chapter 9: Preconceptional Counseling.
 Chapter 10: Prenatal Care.
 Section IV: Normal Labor and Delivery.
 Chapter 11: Parturition.
 Chapter 12: Mechanisms of Normal Labor.
 Chapter 13: Conduct of Normal Labor and Delivery.
 Chapter 14: Intrapartum Assessment.
 Chapter 15: Analgesia and Anesthesia.
 Chapter 16: The Newborn Infant.
 Chapter 17: The Puerperium.
 Section V: Abnormal Labor.
 Chapter 18: Dystocia: Abnormal Labor and Fetopelvic Disproportion.
 Chapter 19: Dystocia: Abnormal Presentation, Position, and Development of the Fetus.
 Chapter 20: Induction and Augmentation of Labor.
 Section VI: Operative Obstetrics.
 Chapter 21: Forceps Delivery and Vacuum Extraction.
 Chapter 22: Breech Presentation and Delivery.
 Chapter 23: Cesarean Section and Postpartum Hysterectomy.
 Section VII: Common Complications of Pregnancy.
 Chapter 24: Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy.
 Chapter 25: Obstetrical Hemorrhage.
 Chapter 26: Puerperal Infection.
 Chapter 27: Preterm Birth.
 Chapter 28: Postterm Pregnancy.
 Chapter 29: Fetal Growth Disorders.
 Chapter 30: Multifetal Pregnancy.
 Section VIII: Placental Disorders.
 Chapter 31: Abnormaltities of the Fetal Membranes and Amnionic Fluid.
 Chapter 32: Diseases and Abnormalities of the Placenta.
 Section IX: Reproductive Success and Failure.
 Chapter 33: Abortion.
 Chapter 34: Ectopic Pregnancy.
 Chapter 35: Abnormalities in the Reproductive Tract.
 Section X: Fetal Abnormalities: Inherited and Acquired Disorders.
 Chapter 36: Genetics.
 Chapter 37: Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Therapy.
 Chapter 38: Teratology, Drugs, and Medications.
 Chapter 39: Diseases and Injuries of the Fetus and Newborn.
 Section XI: Techniques Used to Assess Fetal Health.
 Chapter 40: Antepartum Assessment.
 Chapter 41: Ultrasound and Doppler.
 Section XII: Medical and Surgical Complications in Pregnancy.
 Chapter 42: General Considerations and Maternal Evaluation.
 Chapter 43: Critical Care and Trauma.
 Chapter 44: Cardiovascular Diseases.
 Chapter 45: Chronic Hypertension.
 Chapter 46: Pulmonary Disorders.
 Chapter 47: Renal and Urinary Tract Disorders.
 Chapter 48: Gastrointestinal Disorders.
 Chapter 49: Hematological Disorders.
 Chapter 50: Endocrine Disorders.
 Chapter 51: Diabetes.
 Chapter 52: Connective-Tissue Disorders.
 Chapter 53: Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders.
 Chapter 54: Dermatological Disorders.
 Chapter 55: Neoplastic Diseases.
 Chapter 56: Infections.
 Chapter 57: Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
 Section XIII: Family Planning.
 Chapter 58: Contraception.
 Chapter 59: Sterilization.

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