Table of contents for The first time investor's workbook : a hands-on guide to implementing a successful investment plan / Joe John Duran with Larry Chambers.

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 What Will This Workbook Accomplish for You?
 How to Use This Workbook.
 How This Workbook Is Organized.
 Special Features of This Workbook.
 Section I: Getting Started.
 The Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
 The Financial Success Diet.
 Mental Accounting.
 What Lifestyle Stage Are You In?
 How Much Money Will You Need?
 What Kind of Investor Are You?
 The Five Personalities.  
 The Lifeboat Drill.
 Recognizing Your Constraints.
 What Is Your Time Horizon?
 Tax Rates.
 Legal Considerations.
 Unique Circumstances.
 Section II: The Rules of the Game.
 The Rules.
 The Six Concepts.
 Concept One: The Importance of Asset Allocation.
 Concept Two: Understanding Diversification.
 Concept Three: Combining Dissimilar Investments.
 Concept Four: Adding Time to Your Investment Program.
 Concept Five: The Magic of Compounding.
 Concept Six: Understanding Asset-Class Investing.
 How to Invest in These Asset Classes.
 Understanding the Vehicles--Mutual Funds.
 Understanding Your Instruction Manual--The Prospectus.
 Other Things You Should Know About Mutual Funds.
 How Do the Various Mutual Fund Parties Work Together?
 Major Types of Mutual Funds.
 How to Read Newspaper Mutual Fund Tables.
 What If You've Bought a Bad Fund?
 Exchange Traded Funds.
 Individually Managed Accounts.
 Investing Directly in Stocks.
 Understanding Fixed Income Securities.
 Investing Directly in Bonds.
 Investment Vehicles That Are Sheltered from Tax.
 Retirement Plan Vehicles.
 Concepts That Are Least Effective.
 Section III: Applying A Disciplined Strategy.
 Completing Your Investment Policy Statement.
 What's a Reasonable Growth Rate of Return?
 The Impact of Taxes.
 What Investments Are Appropriate?
 Should You Do It Yourself or Work with an Advisor?
 Questions to Ask an Advisor.
 Selecting a Financial Advisor.
 How Do Advisors Get Paid?
 Doing It Yourself.

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