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Section One: Direct Marketing Essentials 

Chapter 1: The Scope of Direct Marketing
Economic Impact of Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing Defined
The Basics of Direct Marketing
One-to-One and Customer Relationship Marketing
Integrated Communications
Case Study: E*Trade Securities Inc.  
Pilot Project 
Key Points

Chapter 2: Business, Strategic and Direct Marketing Planning
Three Key Strategic Questions
The Strategic Business Plan
The Strategic Plan
The Direct Marketing Plan
The Creative Strategy Plan
Case Study: Wells Fargo Bank
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 3: The Impact of Databases 
What is a Database?
Sources of Information
Database Marketing and Customer Relationships
Customer Relationships and Lifetime Value (LTV)
Accessing Data through Data Warehouses and Data Marts
Using Data Mining to Make Decisions
Taking Your Database Global
Databases Raise Privacy Issues
Case Study: 3Com: Building a Global Database
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 4: Consumer and Business Mailing Lists 
Mailing List Basics
Types of Mailing Lists
List Selection Guidelines
Renting Mailing Lists
Evaluating Mailing Lists
List Hygiene
Case Study: Staples Direct 
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 5: The Offer
Factors to Consider
Selecting Response Channels
An In-Depth Look at Unique Offers
Merchandising the Offer
Short- and Long-Term Effects of Offers
Ways to Hype Response
Danger of Overkill
Case Study: Simple Pleasures Light
Pilot Project 
Key Points 

Section Two: Media of Direct Marketing/H2>  

Chapter 6: Magazines
Testing Regional Editions
Pilot Publications
Bind-in Insert Cards
Bingo Cards
Magazine Advertising Response Pattern
Timing and Frequency
Determining Proper Ad Size
Four-Color, Two-Color, Black and White
The Position Factor
How to Buy Direct Response Space
Case Study: State Farm
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 7: Newspapers
Newspaper Preprints
Syndicated Newspaper Supplements
Local Newspaper Magazines
Comics as a Direct Marketing Medium
Developing a Newspaper Test Program
The Position Factor
Color versus Black and White
Case Study: Outsourcing a Newspaper Campaigns
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 8: TV/Radio
Broadcast Applications
Basic Broadcast Concepts
Buying Time
Creating for Direct Response TV
Creating for Radio
TV in the Multimedia Mix
Case Study: Surety Inc.
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 9: Co-ops
Getting Co-ops Read
Consumer Co-ops
Business-to-Business/Professional Co-ops
Other Channels of Distribution
Why Offer Coupons?
Co-op Testing Rules
Case Study: WEB Direct Marketing/Hanover House
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 10: Telemarketing/Teleservices 
A Study of Human Perception
Teleservice Applications
Inbound Teleservices
Outbound Teleservices
Hiring: The Lifeblood of the Call Center
The Mathematics of Telemarketing
Privacy and Regulation
Case Study: Airborne Freight Corporation
Pilot Project
Key Points

Section Three: Internet Direct Marketing

Chapter 11: Overview of Internet Direct Marketing
Internet Applications
Fast Growth, Empowered Buyers
Privacy-A Growing Concern
Direct Marketing and the Internet: A Perfect Marriage
The Benefits of E-Commerce
Online Business Models
Consumer E-Commerce Growth
Business to Business E-Commerce Growth
E-Care: On-line Customer Service 
A New Frontier: Wireless Internet Applications
Case Study: Dell Computer
Pilot Project
Key Points 

Chapter 12: E-Communications
Using E-Communications to Build Customer Perceptions
Banner Ads
Banner Ad Success Borrows from Direct Response
Planning Banner Ad Campaign Objectives
Media Planning and Testing 
Using E-Mail in Internet Direct Marketing
Creating Effective E-Mail Promotions
Case Study:
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 13: E-Commerce 
Channel Conflicts Exist
Redesigning Customer Business Processes for E-Commerce
The Buyer/Seller Model
E-Care: The Care and Feeding of Online Customers
Case Study: Barnes & Noble
Pilot Project
Key Points

Section Four: Managing the Creative Process

Chapter 14: Creating Direct Mail Advertising
The Letter is King of the Package
Eleven Guidelines to Good Copy
Writing Letters to Formula
The Seven-Step Formula for Winning Letters
The Problem-Solving Strategic Approach
Other Elements of the Classic Mailing Package
How to Improve a Good Mailing Package
Classic Mailing Packages Get Results
Case Study: Illinois Lottery Birthday Program 
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 15: Creating and Managing Catalogs
Core Competency #1: Merchandising
Core Competency #2: Positioning the Catalog
Core Competencies #3 and #4: New Customer Acquisition and Customer List Communication
Core Competency #5: Creative Execution
Catalog Competency #6: Catalog Fulfillment
Catalog Competency #7: Catalog Database Strategies
Catalog Competency #8: Analysis-the Numbers Side of Catalogs
Cataloging and the Internet
Three Factors of Online Success
The Future of Cataloging
Case Study: Children's Memorial Hospital
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 16: Creating Print Advertising
Visualizing the Prospect
Writing the Headline
Selecting Advantages and Benefits
Classic Copy Structure 
Other Ways to Structure Copy
Establishing the  Uniqueness of Your Product or Service
Case Study: Prevention Magazine 
Pilot Project 
Key Points

Section Five: Marketing to Businesses

Chapter 17: Business to Business Direct Marketing
Value-Added Direct Marketing
Listening to the Customer's Voice
Contact Channels and Communication Strategies
Building the Customer Center
Cultivating Customers and Acquiring New Customers
Meeting the Challenges of Our Decade
Case Study: Contract Office Products
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 18: Managing a Lead-Generation Program
The Role of the Internet in Generating and Managing Leads
Today's Sales Force: People or Process
Types of Lead-Generation Programs
Planning Successful Lead-Generation Programs
Other Ingredients of an Effective Lead-Management System
Understanding the Art of Communication
Adjusting Quality and Quantity of Leads
Capacity Planning
Lead Flow Monitoring and Contingency Planning
Lead Classification and Scoring
Inquiry Processing Cost Analysis
Tracking and Results Reporting 
Decision Support Tools
Sample Reports for Sales Managers
Sample Reports for Advertising Managers
Case Study: Allstate Insurance Company Life 
Pilot Project
Key Points 

Section Six: Marketing Intelligence

Chapter 19: Modeling for Business Decision Support
The Purpose of Modeling: Looking Back in Order to Look Ahead
Customer and Prospect Modeling
Defining the Variables
Useful Modeling Techniques 
Modeling: Expensive, Essential, and Not for Statisticians Only
Case Study: Benefiting from Predictive Modeling with Databases
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 20: Mathematics of Direct Marketing 
Single Transaction Costs and Contribution to Marketing Costs and Profits
Key Performance Indicators 
Setting the Market Investment
Continuous Revenue Relationships
Inquiry Conversion Programs
Engineering a Direct Marketing Business
Case Study: The Dressing Under Duress Society or DUDS
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 21: Innovation through Creativity and Testing
Creativity and Being Creative
Creative Stimulators
Test the Big Things
How to Test Print Advertising
Testing Hypotheses in Print Ads
Testing Online
Creativity and Testing, Not Creativity versus Testing
Case History: Yamaha Piano
Pilot Project
Key Points

Chapter 22: Research for Direct Marketing 
Research and Testing: A Complementary Process
Testing and the Total Marketing Research Process
Primary and Secondary Research
Direct Marketing Research for Consumer Products
Using Attitudinal Research to Profile Target Audiences and Product Categories
Using Attitudinal Research for Customer Segmentation
Research for Business-to-Business Applications
Primary Research for Marketing and Creative Development
The Future of Research in Direct Marketing
Case Study: Latina Style Magazine
Pilot Project
Key Points

Appendix: Careers in Direct Marketing
Careers in Direct Response Advertising Agencies
Careers in the List Field
Careers in Database Marketing
Careers in Catalog Marketing
The Newest Direct Medium: The Internet
Careers in Telemarketing
Careers in Customer Acquisitions and Retention
Careers with Suppliers
Your First Job
Advancing in Your Career: What Skills Will Be Needed?
How Do I Get Started?
Where are the Jobs and How Can I Find Out about Them?
Job Banks/On-line Resources
A Word about Salaries
Marketing Yourself

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