Table of contents for Building an eBusiness : from the ground up / Elizabeth Eisner Reding.

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CHAPTER ONE: Getting Started on the Web
 How Are Business Goals and Needs Defined?
 Why Have a Web Presence?
 What is in a Web Page?
 What is a Hyperlink?
 What is a Browser?
 What is a Portal?
 How Do I Find Information on the Web?
 What is a Mail Client?
 How Do I Close a Web Page and End a Web Session?
CHAPTER TWO: Creating a Business Plan
 Do I Need a Business Plan?
 How Do I Determine Goals For My Business?
 How Do I Describe My Business?
 How Is My Market Analyzed?
 How Is My Product/Service Produced?
 What Are My Strategies?
 What Staff is Needed?
 What Are My Financial Considerations?
CHAPTER THREE: Developing a Marketing Plan
 Why is a Marketing Plan Necessary?
 How Do I Start the Marketing Plan?
 What Factors Influence My Business?
 Who Are My Target Customers?
 What Are the Advantages of My Product or Service?
 What Are My Marketing Tactics?
 How Can I Calculate a Marketing Budget?
 Why Will My Business Succeed?
CHAPTER FOUR: Designing a Web Page 
 How Do I Design an Effective Web Page?
 How Do I Format Text?
 What Should I Know About Graphic Design?
 How Can I Use Color?
 How Should I Design a Form?
 How Can I Create a Web Site for My Business?
 Where Can I Find Web Design Resources?
 What Should I Consider for Special-Needs Audience?
CHAPTER FIVE: Creating a Web Site
 How Do I Plan a Web Site?
 How Can I Find Web Authoring Tools?
 What is HTML?
 How is a Web Site Created?
 How Can I modify a Web Page?
 How Do I Add a List to a Page? 
 How Can I Add a Hover Button? 
 How Can I Create a Navigation Bar? 
CHAPTER SIX: Enhancing Web Pages
 What Is a Graphic Image?
 Where Can I Get Images?
 How Can I Insert an Image? 
 How Is a Hyperlink Inserted? 
 How Are Multimedia Files Used?
 What is a Form?
 How Is a Form Created? 
 How Can I Modify a Form? 
CHAPTER SEVEN: Creating Advanced Web Pages
 Why Should I Use a Table?
 How is a Table Created?
 How Can I Format a Table? 
 How Can I Use Colors and Borders?
 How Can I Control Table Elements? 
 What are Frames?
 How Can I Build Framed Pages?
 How Can I Include Links in My Site?
CHAPTER EIGHT: Running an E-Business 
 How Much Accounting Should I Know?
 What Management Techniques Are Helpful? 
 How Can I Work From A Distance?
 How Can I Get Help?

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