Table of contents for Secrets of RF circuit design / Joseph J. Carr.

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 Chapter 1: Introduction to RF electronics.
 Chapter 2: RF components and tuned circuits.
 Chapter 3: Variable capacitors in RF circuits.
 Chapter 4: Winding your own coils.
 Chapter 5: Radio receivers: Theory and projects.
 Chapter 6: Direct-conversion radio receivers.
 Chapter 7: RF amplifier and preselector circuits.
 Chapter 8: Building IF amplifiers.
 Chapter 9: Interpreting radio receiver specifications.
 Chapter 10: Building signal-generator and oscillator circuits.
 Chapter 11: RF directional couplers.
 Chapter 12: The RF hybrid coupler.
 Chapter 13: Build simple VLF radio receivers.
 Chapter 14: What's that mess coming from my receiver?
 Filtering circuits against EMI.
 Chapter 15: Measuring inductors and capacitors at RF frequencies.
 Chapter 16: Building and using the RF noise bridge.
 Chapter 17: Vectors for RF circuits.
 Chapter 18: Impedance matching: Methods and circuits.
 Chapter 19: Using the double-balanced mixer (DBM).
 Chapter 20: PIN diodes and their uses.
 Chapter 21: UHF and microwave diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits.
 Chapter 22: LC RF filter circuits.
 Chapter 23: Time-domain reflectometry on a budget.
 Chapter 24: Solving frequency drift problems.
 Chapter 25: The Smith chart.
 Chapter 26: Detector and demodulator circuits.

Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Radio circuits Design and construction, Electronic circuit design