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Introduction: Colonial North American Architecture, Landscape, and Town in the Renaissance


Continental Powers and Peoples in North America, 1562-1867

The Renaissance and Mannerist Phases of the Italian Renaissance, 1419--c. 1590

The Baroque Phase of the Italian Renaissance, c. 1590-1760

Chapter 1. Spain in North America above the Rio Grande, 1565-1821

Renaissance Architecture in Spain, c. 1480-1760

The Spanish in the United States, 1565-1821

Florida, 1565-1821

New Mexico, 1598-1821

Arizona, c. 1690-1821

Texas, 1690-1821

California, 1769-1848

Chapter 2. France in North America, 1562-1763

Renaissance Architecture in France, 1515--c. 1760

The French in North America before 1608

South Carolina and Florida, 1562 and 1564

Maine and Nova Scotia, 1604-1605

The French in Canada and around the Great Lakes, 1608-1763

The Town in Nouvelle-France (New France)

Major Forts and Missions of Nouvelle-France

The Quebec Parish Church

Mills, Manors, and Houses in Quebec

The French in Terre-Neuve and Acadie, 1605-1763

Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland)

Acadie (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island)

The French in the United States: French and Spanish Louisiane, 1699-1803

Louisiane in the South (Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana)

Louisiane in the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri)

Chapter 3. The Netherlands, Sweden, and Russia in North America, 1609-1867, German Settlements, 1683--c. 1800, and African American Housing, c. 1650-1850

The Dutch in the United States (New York, New Jersey, and Delaware), 1609-1664, and Their Continuing Influence

Renaissance Architecture in the Netherlands before 1664

The Town in Nieuw Nederland (New Netherland)

Seventeenth-Century Dutch Buildings in New York and New Jersey

Eighteenth-Century Dutch Buildings in New York

Eighteenth-Century Dutch Buildings in New Jersey

The Swedes in the United States (Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey), 1638-1655, and Their Continuing Influence

The Town in Nya Sverige (New Sweden)

Swedish Churches

Swedish Log Houses

The Russians in the United States (Alaska, California, and Hawaii), 1741-1867

The Russian Town in Alyeska (Alaska)

Other Russian Posts and Missions

American Missionaries in Hawaii, 1819-1820

The Germans in the United States, 1683--c. 1800

The Pennsylvania Germans

Germans in New York and New Jersey

Germans in Maryland and Virginia

Germans in North Carolina and Georgia

African Americans in the Spanish, French, Dutch, and British Colonies, 1619-1850s

Some Architectural Traditions in West Africa

Some Issues Concerning Slavery in North America

Houses and Housing for African Americans on Plantations and in Towns


England in North America, 1585-1867

Renaissance and Baroque Politics in England, 1515-1867

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture and the Tudor-Jacobean Legacy in England

Chapter 4. England in Virginia, 1585-1776

Settlement before Jamestown: Roanoke Island, 1585

Virginia, 1607-1693

The Town in Seventeenth-Century Virginia

Seventeenth-Century Virginia Churches and Courthouses

Virginia Plantations, Houses, and Gardens: Tudor-Jacobean Beginnings

Virginia, 1693-1776

The College of William and Mary, 1693-1699

The Town in Eighteenth-Century Virginia

Eighteenth-Century Virginia Churches

Eighteenth-Century Virginia Courthouses

Eighteenth-Century Virginia Mills

Virginia Plantations, Houses, and Gardens: The Baroque and the Palladian

Chapter 5. England in Maryland and Delaware, 1634-1776

Maryland, 1634-1694

The Town in Seventeenth-Century Maryland

Seventeenth-Century Maryland Churches and Courthouses

Maryland Plantations, Houses, and Gardens: Tudor-Jacobean Beginnings

Maryland, 1694-1776

The Town in Eighteenth-Century Maryland

Eighteenth-Century Maryland Churches

Eighteenth-Century Maryland Courthouses, Schools, Mills, and Inns

Maryland Plantations, Houses, and Gardens: The Baroque and the Palladian

Delaware, c. 1700-1776

The Town in Delaware

Delaware Churches

Delaware Plantations and Houses

Chapter 6. England in the Carolinas and Georgia, 1660-1776

North Carolina, 1663-1776

The Town in North Carolina

Lost North Carolina Public Buildings

North Carolina Plantations and Houses

South Carolina, 1670-1776

The Town in South Carolina

South Carolina Churches

South Carolina Plantations, Houses, and Gardens

Georgia, 1717-1776

The Margravate of Azilia, 1717

Georgia Towns and Forts, 1732-1776

Georgia Churches and Public Buildings

Georgia Plantations and Houses

Chapter 7. England in New England, 1607-1776

English Settlement before 1620: St. George's Fort, Maine, 1607-1608

The New England Colonies, 1620-1776

The Town in Massachusetts, 1621-1776

The Town in Connecticut and Rhode Island, 1636-1776

The Town in New Hampshire, 1638-1776

Early Settlements in Maine

New England Churches and Meetinghouses before 1707

New England Churches and Meetinghouses, 1707-1776

Functional Diversity in New England Buildings, c. 1627-1787

New England Houses and Gardens before 1720: Tudor-Jacobean Beginnings

New England Houses and Gardens, c. 1720-1776: The Baroque, the Palladian, and the Resilience of Tradition

Chapter 8. England in the Middle Colonies: New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, 1664-1776

New York, 1664-1776

The Town in New York

New York Forts and Public Buildings

New York Churches and Meetinghouses

New York Houses and Gardens: Toward the Baroque and the Palladian

New Jersey, 1664-1776

The Town in East Jersey

East Jersey Churches and Meetinghouses

East Jersey Houses

The Town in West Jersey

West Jersey Churches and Meetinghouses

West Jersey Houses and Inns

Pennsylvania, 1681-1776

The Liberty Lands

The Town in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Forts and Furnaces

Pennsylvania Churches and Meetinghouses

Pennsylvania Houses: A Baroque Start and a Palladian Picturesque Finish, 1683-1776


Great Britain in Canada, 1610-1815, and the Uniting States, 1776-1815

The Artistic, Sociopolitical, and Industrial Revolutions of the Later Eighteenth Century

The Revolution in Architecture: Prologue to a New Architectural Epoch

Chapter 9. Great Britain in Canada, 1610-1815

Lower Canada (Quebec), 1763-1815

The Town in Lower Canada

The Parish Church in Quebec

Mills and Country Houses in Quebec

Upper Canada (Ontario), 1763-1815

The Town in Upper Canada

Forts and Mills in Ontario, 1764-1838

Churches and Meetinghouses in Ontario, 1791-1825

Country Houses in Ontario, 1784-1826

The Maritime Colonies: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, 1713-1815

Nova Scotia, 1713-1815

New Brunswick, 1783-1815

Prince Edward Island, 1759-1815

Newfoundland, 1610-1815

Early Towns and Buildings in Newfoundland

The Newfoundland House

The Hudson's Bay Company and Western Settlement, 1670-1847

Company Posts and Forts, 1683-1847

Chapter 10. The Uniting States: Romantic Classicism and the Late Colonial, 1776-1815

The Original Thirteen States, 1783-1815

Three Trendsetting Towns: Richmond, New York City, and Philadelphia

Romantic Classicism: The Federal Idiom from Maine to Georgia

Western Settlement: Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Northwest Territory, 1763-1815

Kentucky, 1774-1815

Tennessee, 1768-1815

The Northwest Territory, 1778-1815

The District of Columbia, 1791-1836

The Creation of the Federal City: Washington

Appendix A. Builders of Colonial North America

Appendix B. Buildings of Colonial North America


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