Table of contents for The elements of mentoring / W. Brad Johnson, Charles R. Ridley.

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What Excellent Mentors Do: Matters of Skill
Choose Proteges Selectively
Know Your Proteges
Expect Excellence (and Nothing Else)
Affirm, Affirm, Affirm, and Then Affirm Some More
Provide Sponsorship
Be a Teacher and a Coach
Encourage and Support
Offer Counsel in Difficult Times
Protect When Necessary
Stimulate Growth with Challenging Assignments
Give Proteges Exposure and Promote Their Visibility
Nurture Creativity
Provide Correction--Even When Painful
Narrate Growth and Development
Self-disclose When Appropriate
Accept Increasing Friendship and Mutuality
Teach Faceting
Be An Intentional Model
Display Dependability
Traits of Excellent Mentors: Matters of Style and Personality
Exude Warmth
Listen Actively
Show Unconditional Regard
Tolerate Idealization
Embrace Humor
Do Not Expect Perfection
Attend to Interpersonal Cues
Be Trustworthy
Respect Values
Do Not Stoop to Jealousy
Arranging the Mentor-Protegé Relationship: Matters of Beginning
Carefully Consider the "Match"
Clarify Expectations
Define Relationship Boundaries
Consider Protegé Relationship Style
Describe Potential Benefits and Risks
Be Sensitive to Gender
Be Sensitive to Race
Plan for Change at the Outset
Schedule Periodic Reviews or Evaluations
Knowing Thyself as a Mentor: Matters of Integrity
Consider the Consequences of Being a Mentor
Practice Self-Care
Be Productive
Make Sure You are Competent
Hold Yourself Accountable
Respect the Power of Attraction
Accept the Burden of Power
Practice Humility
Never Exploit Proteges
When Things Go Wrong: Matters of Restoration
Above All, Do No Harm
Slow Down the Process
Tell the Truth
Seek Consultation
Document Carefully
Dispute Your Irrational Thinking
Welcoming Change and Saying Goodbye: Matters of Closure
Welcome Change and Growth
Accept Endings
Find Helpful Ways to Say Goodbye
Mentor as a Way of Life

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