Table of contents for Posters, propaganda, & persuasion in election campaigns around the world and through history / Steven A. Seidman.

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Key Definitions                                                           3
Broadsides, Banners, and Posters                                      3
Propaganda and Mass Persuasion                                        7
Changing Trends                                                           9
Technology                                                            9
SocialAttitudes                                                      12
Education                                                            13
Legislation                                                          14
Advertising and Political Marketing                                  15
Art and Graphic Design                                               18
Continuing Practices                                                     22
Research Purposes                                                        25
Broadsides and Posters in Early U.S. Presidential Election Campaigns        27
The "Heroic Man of the People" Against the "Aristocrat" (1828)           29
"Old Tippecanoe," "The Little Magician," and "The Log Cabin Campaign"
(1836 and 1840)                                                 33
Pre-Civil War Elections: The Increased Standardization of Propaganda
Posters (1844-1860)                                             37
"The Rail Splitter" Becomes "The Great Emancipator," and the Politics of
Race (1860 and 1864)                                            39
Posters and Propaganda Strategy in Post-Civil War Elections (1868-1892)  42
Broadsides and Posters in the Contest Between Advocates of "Free Silver"
and "The Gold Standard" (1896)                                  46
Election Campaigns Between the Depressions of 1896 and 1929     49
U.S. Presidential Election Posters in the Age of Mass Media        61
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Campaigns (1932-1944)              62
Posters at the Dawn of the Television Era (1948-1956)           67
Posters in the Era of Television Dominance (1960-2004)          73
Politics and Posters in France                                    101
Broadsides and Posters in the Emergence of Representative Politics in France 102
The Second Republic and Second Empire Under Louis Napoleon Bonaparte  103
The Third French Republic                                      105
Charles de Gaulle and the Fourth and Fifth Republics           110
The Role of Posters in French Elections in the Mass Media Age  115
Broadsides and Posters in British Election Campaigns                         125
The Genesis of Representative British Politics and the First Broadsides in
Great Britain                                                             125
The Role of Election Broadsides as the British Electorate Expanded        127
Posters, the Rise and Fall of the Liberals, and the Growth of the Labour Party  131
The Role of Posters in British Elections in the Mass Media Age            144
Posters in Election Campaigns Around the Rest of the World                   163
Africa                                                                    166
South Africa: Nelson Mandela and the ANC Victory (1994)               167
Asia                                                                      169
Japan: A Traditional Society Moves Toward Image Management in
Politics in 2001                                                      170
Taiwan: The Rise and Fall of the Kuomintang Party (1949-2004)         174
Europe                                                                    178
Germany. fom the Prussian Monarchy of the 1840s to Reunification
in 1990                                                               181
Poland and the Free Elections of 1990 and 1991                        198
Hungary' Fight for Democracy and the 1990 Election                    201
Latin America                                                            205
Chile: Salvador Allende and the Suspension of Democracy (1970-1973)   206
Honduras: The Constitutional Crisis and Presidential Election of 1985  209
Mexico: The Rise and Fall of the National Revolutionary Party
(1929-2000)                                                           211
How Effective Have Political Posters Been?                                           221
Conclusions and Future Trends                                                        231
Conclusions                                                                      236
Political poster propaganda is designed to elicit emotional reactions        236
Image management is important in election posters                            237
Themes are emphasized in election posters                                    239
Legislation affects the use ofposters, billboards, and banners in
election campaigns                                                           240
Election campaign posters are much utilized in countries where literacy is
relatively low                                                               241
Technological developments and artistic trends influence election posters
and their use                                                                241
Mass produced, high quality, pictorial posters are often part of election
campaign packages                                                            242

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