Table of contents for The rise and fall of the Spanish Empire / William S. Maltby.

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Introduction                                                 1
I Imperial Beginnings                                       6
['lI- [bei imi kiingdons  i the middle  tg{es            7
i et'   lli  ti  I i litli                               13
Slids i4t (e    i olont A: Ihe (Anmy iii lnds           18
wnpire                                                  20
2 The Creation of an Empire in Europe                      30
Ihc ich1itance of (Charles V                             3
IhI EIop t  emtpire of (Charcs V                        35
lithI lmo>0 Li'>                                        42
lIii   i   liii fi rt'c 1-46
'hc Spanskh asvcnamkuA                                  49
3 The Conquest of America                                  52
lhe Iw MIUVst o( Mxico                                  52
11W c(mupst o1 Peiu                                     56
ihe Phiiiliii s                                         ()60
I he piwibld"m &W ncrn"c:                               6{1
I the plH  m oi the IMliAn"s                            (5
4 Imperial Organization under the Habsburgs                73
(if( i111   1 H l'lii't (-  11t mic                      80
\\ar amt del ense                                        85
[Ilormal structurns of I)oN\r 9(
5 Imperial Policy                                             100
The revolt of the Nethe l:iindsiti                         1
The atncixatio]l oi Portugal                               1 12
\aL with El gland rand 1 ance                               Ii
The Black legcnd                                           1 (0
1 tie "pax l ii o,  icga"                                 122
iThe T hinty Years' War                                    122
6 Imperial Decline                                            126
Antempts at retori                                         12
War with IFrancc                                           1I
l the Catalan alnd PortutM sC reeots A1i
Spain after O(livales                                      1
America: The (drifti to auItonomy                          I
The last ears of rthe I labsbtlrgs                        1
7 The Bourbons                                                149
Refobrin and reviv al                                      15 1
llnlighteninmerI and the proglami of Charles III           1
Reforrm cmnes to Ami)erica                                 161
Rev rsal of foritune
8 The End of the Empire                                       172
1 he wars of i deI)teenet e 1i75
lThe Loy al islaids and the Sj1atish-Amiri ia ltr          181t  I
Sc/rUt  i   '                                                 19

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