Table of contents for The letters of Jerome : asceticism, biblical exegesis, and the construction of Christian authority in late antiquity / Andrew Cain.

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1. 'The Voice of One Calling in the Desert'                13
Epistularum ad diversos liber: Structure and Contents    13
Hieronymus eremita: The Textualized 'Saint'              20
Rhetoric and Reproach                                    25
An Ascetic Conversion Story in Letters                   30
Introducing... Jerome                                    33
2. A Pope and His Scholar                                  43
Jerome on Damasus on Jerome: Revisionist Reminiscences   43
The Great Commission                                     48
The Correspondence: 'Hebrew Verity' and Ambrosiaster     53
3. Claiming Marcella                                       68
Ad Marcellam epistularum liber: Structure and Contents   68
Hagiography, Hermeneutics, Hebrew, and Heretics          71
Sealing a Spiritual and Scholarly Legacy                 89
4. Expulsion from Rome                                     99
Theological Controversy                                 100
The Gathering Storm: Blesilla's Death                   102
The Beginning of the End                                105
The 'Disgrace of a False Charge'                        106
Paula's Seducer?                                        110
The Case against Jerome: Trial and Conviction           114
Exile of a 'Prophet'                                    124
5. The Embattled Ascetic Sage                              129
Jerome's Personal, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Profiles  130
Jerome's Spiritual Advice                               144
Legitimization                                          166
6. The Exegetical Letters                             168
Remembering Fabiola, Defending Hebrew Verity       171
From Bethlehem to the Furthest Reaches of Gaul     178
Ep. 120 to Hedibia (Bordeaux)                      181
Ep. 121 to Algasia (Cahors?)                       188
Cultivated Image                                   194
Conclusion                                            197
Appendices                                            205
Appendix I. Classifying the Letters: A New Taxonomy   207
Appendix II. Lost Letters of Jerome                   220
Appendix III. The Manuscript Tradition                223
Bibliography                                          229

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