Table of contents for New selected essays : where I live / Tennessee Williams ; introduction by John Lahr ; edited, with an afterword, by John S. Bak.

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"Amor Perdido" or How It Feels to Become a
Professional Playwright                               3
Te Morituri Salutamus or An Author's Address to a First
Night Audience                                        8
Preface to My Poems                                    11
The History of a Play (With Parentheses)               15
Notes to the Reader                                    25
The Author Tells Why it is Called The Glass Menagerie  27
A Playwright's Statement on Dallas's Theatre '45 Plans  29
The Catastrophe of Success                             32
Chicago Arrival                                        37
Questions Without Answers                              40
"Something Wild. . ."                                  43
Carson McCullers's Reflections in a Golden Eye         48
A Writer's Quest for a Parnassus                       54
The Timeless World of a Play                           59
The Meaning of The Rose Tattoo                         63
Facts About Me                                         65
Foreword to Camino Real                                68
Afterword to Camino Real                               71
Person-To-Person                                       73
Critic Says "Evasion," Writer Says "Mystery"           76
The Past, the Present, and the Perhaps                 79
The World I Live In                                    83
Author and Director: A Delicate Situation              86
If The Writing Is Honest                               90
Foreword to Sweet Bird of Youth                        93
The Man In the Overstuffed Chair                       97
Reflections on a Revival of a Controversial Fantasy   107
Tennessee Williams Presents His POV                   109
Prelude to a Comedy                                   114
Five Fiery Ladies                                     117
Carson McCullers                                      121
A Summer of Discovery                               123
The Agent as Catalyst                               130
T. Williams's View of T. Bankhead                   134
Grand                                               139
Slapstick Tragedy: A Preface                        147
The Wolf and I                                      149
Happiness Is Relevant                               153
"Tennessee, Never Talk to an Actress"               156
We Are Dissenters Now                               160
Too Personal?                                       165
Homage to Key West                                  168
Let Me Hang It All Out                              171
Where My Head is Now and Other Questions            175
The Blessings and Mixed Blessings of Workshop Productions 177
I Have Rewritten a Play For Artistic Purity         181
I Am Widely Regarded as the Ghost Of a Writer       184
The Misunderstandings and Fears of an Artist's Revolt  187
A Reply to Mr. Nathan                               193
An Appreciation: The Creator of The Glass Menagerie
Pays Tribute to Laurette Taylor                   195
An Appreciation of Hans Hofmann                     197
An Allegory of Man and His Sahara, a review         198
A Movie by Cocteau . .., a review                   200
The Human Psyche-Alone, a review                    202
Notes on the Filming of The Rose Tattoo             204
A Tribute from Tennessee Williams to "Heroic Tallulah
Bankhead"                                         207
On Meeting a Young Writer                           208
Concerning Eugene O'Neill                           210
Tennessee Williams Talks about His Play In The Bar of a
Tokyo Hotel                                       211
Notes for The Two Character Play                    211
To William Inge: An Homage                          213
W. H. Auden: A Few Reminiscences                    216
Foreword to Jane Bowles's Feminine Wiles            217
Program Note for The Red Devil Battery Sign         218
Foreword to Dakin Williams's The Bar Bizarre        219
Homage to J.                                       219
Can a Good Wife Be a Good Sport?                   223
High School Travel Articles
A Day at the Olympics                            224
The Tomb of the Capuchins                        225
"A Flight over London                            226
"A Night in Venice                               227
"A Trip to Monte Carlo                           229
The Ruins of Pompeii                             230
A Tour of the Battle-fields of France            231
A Festival Night in Paris                        232
The Almalfi Drive and Sorrento                   234
The First Day Out                                235
College Papers
Candida                                          236
Review of Two Plays by John M. Synge             238
Some Representative Plays of O'Neill And a Discussion
of his Art                                     240
Is Fives                                         243
Birth of an Art (Anton Chekhov and the New Theatre)  246
Comments on the Nature of Artists with a few Specific
References to the Case of Edgar Allan Poe      254
Afterword by John S. Bak                           259

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