Table of contents for Due inheritance : reviving the cultural and economic wellbeing of first Australians : a model for consideration / Ted Egan.

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Introduction                                            1
The accident of birth                             4
The present state of play                               6
Black and white issues                                  9
The non-Aboriginal point of view                 11
First Australians' point of view                 13
The Stolen Generation                            14
Semantics: Indigenous? Aboriginal? First Australian? 18
First Australian unity                           22
Do we still not count First Australians?               24
Urban elites and rural underclasses              26
First among equals?                              30
"The prospect of political reconciliation              37
The alternative to a referendum                  40
What price reconciliation? What form should it take? 42
Real economics: McLeod's mob, WA                       44
"A national rethink of employment and unemployment     47
Disaster areas                                   53
Replacing unemployment benefits                  55
"A law to promote the best interests of First Australians  59
Health, education and housing strategies               64
Health                                         64
Education                                      66
Housing                                        74
The housing debate: Points to cover            75
Alcohol                                              83
A starting point: A new approach to self-help       916
Raising the barn                               97
Volunteers for Reconciliation                 101
Joint management of national parks                  107
The political and financial empowerment of First Australians 11.3
A new body: The Academy of First Australians  114
Election of the Academy                       11.5
The Academy and the Stolen Generation         113
The operation of the Academy                        121
Affiliations with land                        12.3
Formula to establish the Inheritance                124
A crucial question: Will the Federal Treasurer be impressed? 133
General directions for the Academy to consider      138
Investment strategies for the Academy         139
Executive Summary: A review of proposals in this book  141L

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