Table of contents for Childbirth / Christina Fisanick, book editor.

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Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?                   11
Introduction                                        14
Chapter 1: How Can Safety and Comfort
During Childbirth Be Assured?
Chapter Preface                                     19
1. Epidurals Are Safe for the Management           21
of Pain During Childbirth
Kathryn J. Alexander
2. Epidurals During Labor Are Not Safe             30
for the Mother and Baby
Sarah J. Buckley
3. Episiotomies Are Sometimes Prudent              40
Gerard M. DiLeo
4. Episiotomies Are Not Necessary                  47
Beth Howard
5. Cesarean Deliveries Are Safe and                54
Frequently Necessary
Tiffanie Darke
6. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Birth (VBAC)       60
Is Not Safe for All Women
Melissa M. Kaczmarczyk, Par Sparen,
Paul Terry, Sven Cnattingius
Periodical Bibliography                            69
Chapter 2: What Are the Best Conditions
for Childbirth?
Chapter Preface                                     71
1. Women Should Be Given Choices About             73
Where to Give Birth
Cynthia Overgard
2. Focusing on Choices About Where to Give         80
Birth Detracts from the Purpose of Childbirth
Margaret McCartney
3. Home Births Are Safe                            85
Janelle Weiner
4. Home Births Are Not Safe for Some Women         92
Catherine Bennett
5. Hospital Births Can Be Safe                     97
William Camann and Kathryn Alexander
6. Hospital Births Involve Unnecessary            103
and Unsafe Procedures
Yvonne Cryns
Periodical Bibliography                           110
Chapter 3: How Can Rights
and Preferences Be Honored
During Childbirth?
Chapter Preface                                   112
1. Childbearing Women Have Rights                 114
Childbirth Connection
2. Fetal Monitoring During Labor Can Prevent      120
Cerebral Palsy and Therefore Should Be Used
Howard A. Janet
3. Fetal Monitoring During Labor Cannot Prevent   128
Cerebral Palsy and Therefore Should Not Be Used
Michael F. Greene
4. Birth Plans Can Improve the                    134
Childbirth Experience
Judith Lothian
5. Birth Plans Do Not Improve the                 145
Childbirth Experience
Ingela Lundgren, Marie Berg, and
Ginilla Lindmark
6. Women Have the Right to Elective Cesareans     154
Mary E. Hannah
7. Elective Cesareans Should Not Be               161
Performed Routinely
Kathi Carlisle Fountain and Kristen Suthers
Periodical Bibliography                           168
Chapter 4: Who Should Assist and
Be Present During Childbirth?
Chapter Preface                                   170
1. Doulas Can Be Helpful                          172
During Childbirth
Kristen Davenport
2. Doulas Can Be Too Controlling                  178
During Childbirth
Lucy Freeman
3. Midwives Are a Good Choice for                 183
Some Women
Jon Marshall
4. Fathers Should Be Present                      189
During Childbirth
Fatherhood Institute
5. Fathers Should Not Be Present                  194
During Childbirth
Sandra Dick
6. Grandmothers Can Be Helpful                    199
During Childbirth
Carolynn Bauer Zorn
7. Grandmothers Are Not Helpful                   205
During Childbirth
Rebecca Eckler
Periodical Bibliography                           210
For Further Discussion                            211
Organizations to Contact                          214
Bibliography of Books                             220

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