Table of contents for Administering the Empire, 1801-1968 : a guide to the records of the Colonial Office in the National Archives of the UK / Mandy Banton.

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I. The British empire                                                         I
'Informal' empire                                                    5
'Miscellaneous islands'                                              6
Decolonisation                                                       8
2. Colonial government structure and relations with London                   I1
Colonies, dominions, protectorates and mandated territories         I I
Colonies                                                      II
Dominions                                                     12
Protectorates                                                 13
Mandated territories                                          15
The colonial government                                             15
The governor                                                  I 5
The legislature                                               16
The executive                                                 17
Judicial establishment                                        19
Defence                                                       20
Ecclesiastical establishment                                  21
The relationship between the Colonial Office and the colonies       21
3. Records of colonial governments                                           23
4. Administration of British colonial affairs before i80o:
the organisation in London                                               25
The Privy Council and the Board of Trade                            25
The secretaries of state                                            25
Records of the secretaries of state and the Board of Trade        26
Published finding aids                                            27
Original finding aids                                             28
5. Administration of the colonies from ISoI                                35
War and Colonial Department                                       35
Establishment of the Colonial Office                              36
1907: Dominions Division and Crown Colonies Division        38
Mandated territories                                        39
Subject departments                                         39
Specialist advisers and advisory committees                 41
The Dominions Office                                              43
Department of Technical Co-operation and successors               45
Central African Office                                            46
Commonwealth Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office           46
6. The records of the Colonial Office                                      49
Original correspondence                                           50
What does the original correspondence contain?              52
How the correspondence is arranged                          54
'Case' volumes                                              71
Entry books                                                 71
Finding aids                                                72
Registration of correspondence before I 849            72
Indexes                                                73
Pr6cis books                                           77
Registration of original correspondence 1849-1925      82
Indexed registers                                88
Registers of non-registered letters              88
How to find the 'original correspondence'        88
Cross-references in the registers of correspondence  92
Confidential and secret correspondence                      95
Printing of correspondence                                  96
Destroyed papers                                            99
Circular despatches                                         99
Original correspondence 1927- 5 and its registration       Ioo
File numbers                                          Ioo
Arrangement of files                                  IoI
File covers                                           101
Registers of correspondence                           Io0
When do you need to use the registers?                1o4
Secret registers                                      o06
Re-organisation of the Colonial Office in the zoth century and its
effects on the arrangement of the records                        Io6
The Dominions Division                                     Io6
Subject departments                                        1o7
Advisory committees                                        107
Advisers                                                   Io8
Geographically arranged correspondence series after 1951   Io8
Some abbreviations used in the registers of correspondence        I10
Printed and statistical material provided by the colonial governments  II
Acts, ordinances and proclamations                         112
UK legislation enacted for the colonies or including the
colonies                                              I15
Sessional papers                                           116
Government gazettes                                        I 8
'Miscellanea'                                              121
Blue books of statistics                              122
Shipping returns                                      124
Newspapers                                            124
Returns of stipendiary magistrates                    126
7. Records of the Dominions Office and Commonwealth Relations Office      127
8. Records of the Commonwealth Office and the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office                                                   133
9. Private papers and private office papers relating to colonial affairs
held in the records of the Colonial Office and of other
government departments                                                135
Io. Maps and plans                                                         137
International boundaries                                         139
Directorate of Overseas Surveys                                  143
S1. Records of other government departments                            145
Admiralty                                                     146
Board of Trade                                               147
British Council                                              147
The Cabinet Office                                           147
Central Office of Information                                149
Civil Service Commission                                     150
Crown agents                                                 150
Empire Marketing Board                                       151
Foreign Office                                               I53
Home Office                                                  154
Intelligence agencies                                        157
Special Branch                                          157
Security Service (MI5)                                  160
Ministry of Defence                                          16o
Prime Minister's Office                                      161
Privy Council                                                161
Treasury                                                     163
War Office                                                   163
Appendix i: Records relating to individual dependencies and regions     169
Appendix 2: Records arranged by subject                                 297
Appendix 3: Newspapers                                                   323
Appendix 4: The Colonial Office List                                    329
Appendix 5: Rules for the conduct of correspondence between
governors and the Colonial Office                            333
Appendix 6: File registration numbers                                   343
Appendix 7: Specimen search                                             349
Appendix 8: Sources for biography and family history                     359
Appendix 9: Access to the records and use of online catalogues           367
Bibliography                                                            373

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