Table of contents for Practices of looking : an introduction to visual culture / Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright.

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chapter i        Images, Power, and            Politics                    9
Representation                                            12
The Myth of Photographic Truth                            16
Images and Ideology                                       22
How We Negotiate the Meaning of Images                    26
The Value of Images                                       34
Image Icons                                               36
chapter 2       Viewers Make Meaning                                     49
Producers' Intended Meanings                              52
Aesthetics and Taste                                      56
Collecting, Display, and Institutional Critique           62
Reading Images as Ideological Subjects                    69
Encoding and Decoding                                     72
Reception and the Audience                                75
Appropriation and Cultural Production                     82
Reappropriation and Counter-Bricolage                     86
chapter 3        Modernity: Spectatorship, Power,
and Knowledge                                            93
The Subject in Modernity                                  94
Spectatorship                                            101
Discourse and Power                                      104
The Gaze and the Other                                    III
The Gaze in Psychoanalysis                               120
Gender and the Gaze                                       123
Changing Concepts of the Gaze                             130
chapter 4        Realism      and   Perspective:
From Renaissance Painting
to  Digital Media                                        141
Visual Codes and Historical Meaning                       143
Questions of Realism                                      145
The History of Perspective                                151
Perspective and the Body                                  157
The Camera Obscura                                        161
Challenges to Perspective                                 164
Perspective in Digital Media                              174
chapter 5        Visual Technologies, Image
Reproduction, and the Copy                               183
Visual Technologies                                       183
Motion and Sequence                                       185
Image Reproduction: The Copy                              190
Walter Benjamin and Mechanical Reproduction               195
The Politics of Reproducibility                           199
Copies, Ownership, and Copyright                          204
Reproduction and the Digital Image                        212
chapter 6        Media in       Everyday Life                             223
The Masses and Mass Media                                 224
Media Forms                                               229
Broadcast, Narrowcast, and Webcast Media                  233
The History of Mass Media Critiques                       236
Media and Democratic Potential                           242
Media and the Public Sphere                               247
National and Global Media Events                          250
Contemporary Media and Image Flows                        255
chapter 7        Advertising, Consumer Cultures,
and    Desire                                            265
Consumer Societies                                        266
Envy, Desire, and Belonging                               275
Commodity Culture and Commodity Fetishism               279
Brands and Their Meanings                               289
The Marketing of Coolness                               293
Anti-Ads and Culture Jamming                            300
chapter 8        Postmodernism, Indie Media,
and    Popular Culture                                307
Postmodernism and its Visual Cultures                   311
Addressing the Postmodern Subject                       316
Reflexivity and Postmodern Identity                     322
Pastiche, Parody, and the Remake                        328
Indie Media and Postmodern Approaches to the Market     334
Postmodern Space, Geography, and the Built Environment  337
chapter 9       Scientific Looking, Looking
at Science                                             347
The Theater of Science                                  350
Images as Evidence: Cataloguing the Body                355
Imaging the Body's Interior: Biomedical Personhood     364
Vision and Truth                                        369
Imaging Genetics                                        373
The Digital Body                                        377
Visualizing Pharmaceuticals                             381
chapter to       The Global Flow          of Visual Culture             389
The Global Subject and the Global Gaze                  390
Cultural Imperialism and Beyond                         397
Global Brands                                           401
Concepts of Globalization                              404
Visuality and Global Media Flow                         407
Indigenous and Diasporic Media                          413
Borders and Franchises: Art and the Global              417
glossary                                                             431
picture credits                                                             467

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