Table of contents for The end : natural disasters, manmade catastrophes, and the future of human survival / Marq de Villiers.

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Part One: So What's the Problem?
ON F  Doomsday As a State of Mind  3
two(   Catastrophe in Human Life: The Probability Theorem  18
Part Two: Context
THREE   Our Perilous Neighborhood: Understanding
Cosmology 31
FouR   This Plastic Earth: PlateTectonics and
Wandering Continents 45
FIVE  Our Ever-Changing Climate: Ice Ages Now and Then  63
six  Fragile Life: The Conundrum of Mass Extinctions  75
Part Three: Peril by Peril
SEIE N  The Perils Without: Comets and Asteroids  97
El G I M' Earthquakes  118
NINE   Volcanoes  136
TEN   Poisonous Emissions and Noxious Gases  161
ELEVEN   Tsunamis   172
TWELVE, Floods    185
SH I R I EEN  Vile Winds: Tropical Cyclones and Tornadoes  208
FOH RTEEN   Plague and Pandemic  221
Part Four: What Is to Be Done?
F I FTi LEN  Making Things Worse: Acts of God and
Acts of Man 247
s Ix YLEEN  Making Things Better (i): Mitigating Natural
Calamities 275
SE VE NTF EN  Making Things Better (ii): Undoing Human-Made
Calamities 294
Postscript: Can We Do It? Will We? 321
Notes 325
Bibliography 339

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