Table of contents for Communicating mathematics in the digital era / edited by J.M. Borwein, E.M. Rocha, J.F. Rodrigues.

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1  Electronic Publishing and Digital Libraries            1
Disseminating and Preserving Mathematical Knowledge       3
E.M. Rocha and J.F. Rodrigues
The Digital Downside                                     23
J. Ewing
Implementing Electronic Access for an Independent Journal  31
K. Kaiser
Toward a Digital Mathematics Library?                    47
T. Bouche
The DML-CZ Project: Objectives and First Steps           75
M. Barto9ek, M. Lhotdk, J. Rdkosnik, P. Sojka, and M. 8Arfy
The DML-E Digitization Project and Related Topics        87
E. Macias-Virg6s
Digital Libraries and the Rebirth of Printed Journals    97
J. Borbinha
A Digital Library Framework for the University of Aveiro  111
M. Fernandes, P. Almeida, J.A. Martins, and J.S. Pinto
2 Technology Enhancements for Disseminating
Mathematics                                        125
Coast-to-Coast (C2C) Seminar: Background, History, and Practice  127
J. Borwein, V. Jungic, D. Langstroth, M. Macklem, and
S. Wilson
Digitally Enhanced Documents                           141
K. Kanev, N. Mirenkov, and N. Kamiya
Speech and Tactile Assistive Technologies              157
C. Bernareggi, V. Brigatti, D. Campanozzi, and A. Messini
On the Conversion between Content MathML and OpenMath  169
C.M. So and S.M. Watt
XML-Based Format for Geometry                          183
P. Quaresma, P. Jani6id, J. Tomagevi6, M. V.-Jani6id, and D. Tobi6
From Parametrized Graphics to Interactive Illustrations  199
M. Kraus
3  Educational and Cultural Frameworks                213
Reaching Mathematical Audiences across All Levels      215
T. Banchoff
Toward Autonomous Learners of Mathematics              225
Olga Caprotti, Mika SeppAild, and Sebastian Xamb6
The IntBook Concept as an Adaptive Web Environment     239
A. Breda, T. Parreira, and E.M. Rocha
An Educational Environment Based on Ontology           255
K. Sugita, T. Goto, T. Yaku, and K. Tsuchida
Art and Mathematics                                    265
M. Francaviglia, M.G. Lorenzi, and P. Pantano
A List of C2C Past Talks                              279
B Guidelines for Managing a Distributed Seminar       281
C Curriculum Guideline and Mathtext Example           295
Bibliography                                          299
List of URLs                                          313
Contributors                                          319

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