Table of contents for Africa's world war : Congo, the Rwandan genocide, and the making of a continental catastrophe / GeĢrard Prunier.

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1. Rwanda's mixed season of hope (July 1994-April 1995)                  1
The immediate aftermath                                              1
The politics of national unity                                       7
Justice and the killings                                             10
Rwanda outside Rwanda: the world of the refugee camps               24
The international community's attitudes                             29
2. From Kibeho to the attack on Zaire (April 1995-October 1996)         37
The Kibeho crisis                                                   37
The collapse ofthe national unity government                        42
The refigees and the Kivu cockpit                                   46
North Kivu: ethnicity and the land conflict                      48
South Kivu: the Banyamulenge and the memories of 1965            51
The impact of the Rwandese refugees on the Kivus                 53
The Burundi factor                                                  59
General Kagame goes to war                                          67
3. The Congo basin, its interlopers, and its onlookers                  73
Into the Zairian vortex                                             75
The interlopers                                                     80
Sudanese and Ugandans                                            80
Far from the Great Lakes: the Angolan conflict                   88
Standing by, trying to keep out: three uneasy onlookers          99
4. Winning a virtual war (September 1996-May 1997)                     113
Rwanda in Zaire: from refugee crisis to international war          113
Laurent-D1sird Kabila and the birth of AFDL                     113
The bogey of the multinational intervention force               116
The refugee exodus                                              121
The long walk into Kinshasa                                        126
War and diplomacy                                               126
The mining contracts: myths and realities                       137
The fate of the refugees                                        143
5. Losing the real peace (May 1997-August 1998)                        149
Kabila in power: a secretive and incoherent leadership             149
Diplomacy and the refugee issue                                     154
The economy: an ineffectual attempt at normalization               161
Between Luanda and Brazzaville: the DRC' volatile West
African environment                                                 167
The unquiet East: the Kivus and their neighbors                    172
6. A continental war (August 1998-August 1999)                         181
Commander Kabarebe 's failed Blitzkrieg                            181
Heading for an African war                                          187
Kinshasa's friends: godfathers and discreet supporters          187
Kinshasa's foes                                                 193
Fence-sitters and well-wishers                                  198
Fighting down to a stalemate                                       203
Behind and around the war: domestic politics, diplomacy and economics  209
The Lusaka "peace" charade                                         223
7. Sinking into the quagmire (August 1999-January 2001)                227
The war is dead, long live the war                                 227
The East: confused rebels in confused fighting                  227
Westwards: the river wars                                       231
Rwanda drives south into Katanga                                234
The shaky home fronts                                              235
The Congo: an elusive search for national dialogue while
the economy collapses                                           235
Angola: the pressure begins to ease off                         238
Zimbabwe: trying to make the war pay for itself                 239
Rwanda and Uganda: the friendship grows violent                 240
The international dimension: giving aid monitoring the looting,
and waiting for MONUC                                              243
Mzee's assassination                                               249
8. Not with a bang but with a whimper: the war's confused
ending (January 2001-December 2002)                                257
Li 'lJoseph 's new political dispensation                          257
Diplomacy slowly deconstructs the continental conflict             265
The actors start jockeying for position                         265
Negotiations, national dialogue, and disarmament in competition  267
The South African breakthrough                                269
The bumpy road toward a transitional government               274
7he economy: slowly crawling out of the abyss                    277
The eastern sore: the continental conflict shrinks into sub-regional anarchy  280
9. From war to peace: Congolese transition and conflict deconstruction
(January 2003-July 2007)                                         285
The conflict's lingering aftermath (January 2003-December 2004)  285
The peripheral actors drop off                                285
Rwanda and Uganda refuse to give up                           290
An attempt at violently upsetting the transition              296
Tottering forward in Kinshasa                                 300
Slouching toward Bethlehem: the transition slowly turns into reality
(January 2005-November 2006)                                     303
The pre-electoral struggles                                   303
DDRRR, SSR, and assorted security headaches                   305
The elections                                                 309
The morning after syndrome (November 2006-July 2007)             315
The risk of internal political paralysis                      315
The economy: donors, debts, and the Great Mining Robbery      316
The east refuses to heal                                      320
10. Groping for meaning: the "Congolese" conflict and the crisis of
contemporary Africa                                              329
The war as an African phenomenon                                 330
The purely East African origins of the conflagration          330
Antigenocide, the myth of the "new leaders," and the spread
of democracy in Africa: the world projects its own rationale on
the situation                                                 331
The "New Congo," between African renaissance and
African imperialism                                           333
From crusading to looting: the "new leaders" age quickly      335
The war as seen by the outside world                             338
What did all the diplomatic agitation actually achieve?       338
Moral indignation in lieu of political resolve                346
An attempt at a philosophical conclusion                         358
Appendix I: Seth Sendashonga's Murder                                365
Notes                                                                369
Bibliography                                                        469

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