Table of contents for An unconventional history of Western philosophy : conversations between men and women philosophers / edited by Karen J. Warren ; with the research assistance of Audun Solli.

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Foreword: Including Women in "Ancient and Medieval Philosophies,"
Henry R. West                                                         xi
Preface, Karen J Warren                                                xiii
Lead Essay: 2,600 Years of the History of Western Philosophy Without Womenf
This Book as a Unique, Gender-Inclusive Alternative, Karen J. Warren   1
1  Plato and Diotima                                                   27
Introduction by Karen . Warren                                      27
Excerpts of Writings by Plato and Speech Attributed to Diotima      36
Commentary by Eve A. Browning, Diotima and Plato: On Love, Desire,
and Wisdom                                                        53
2  Aristotle and the Late Pythagorean Women Periktione and Theano      63
Introduction by Karen J. Warren                                     63
Excerpts of Writings by Aristotle and the Late Pythagorean Women    67
Commentary by Vicki Lynn Harper, The Late Pythagorean Women
and Aristotle: Contextual Ethics                                  78
3  Augustine and Hildegard                                             93
Introduction by Karen J Warren                                      93
Excerpts of Writings by Augustine and Hildegard                     97
Commentary by Judith Chelius Stark, Hildegard of Bingen and
Augustine of Hippo: A Conversation Across Centuries              115
4  Abelard and Heloise                                                 127
Introduction by Karen j Warren                                     127
Excerpts of Writings by Abelard and Heloise                        131
Commentary by Mary Ellen Waithe, Heloise and Abelard: Love, Sex,
and Morality                                                     147
5  Descartes and Elisabeth                                         157
Introduction by Karen . Warren                                  157
Excerpts of Writings from the Correspondence of Descartes
and Elisabeth                                                 161
Commentary by Andrea Nye, Princess Elisabeth and Descartes:
A Philosophical Correspondence                                177
6  Hobbes and Macaulay                                             189
Introduction by Karen J Warren                                  189
Excerpts of Writings by Hobbes and Macaulay                     193
Commentary by Catherine Villanueva Gardner, Macaulay
and Hobbes: Citizens and Subjects                             211
7  Locke and Masham                                                223
Introduction by Karen . Warren                                  223
Excerpts of Writings by Locke and Masham                        228
Commentary by Lois Frankel, Masham and Locke: Reason, Religion,
and Education                                                 245
8  Leibniz and Conway                                              259
Introduction by Karen J. Warren                                 259
Excerpts of Writings by Leibniz and Conway                      263
Commentary by Jane Duran, Conway and Leibniz: The Ideal
and the Real                                                  277
9  Rousseau and Wollstonecraft                                     289
Introduction by Karen J Warren                                  289
Excerpts of Writings by Rousseau and Wollstonecraft             293
Commentary by Kate Lindemann, Wollstonecraft and Rousseau:
Philosophers of Controversy                                   305
10  Kant and van Schurman                                           317
Introduction by Karen J Warren                                  317
Excerpts of Writings by Kant and van Schurman                   323
Commentary by Therese Boos Dykeman, van Schurman and Kant:
Logic in The Learned Maid; Thinking in Critique of Pure Reason  342
11 Mill and Taylor                                                  355
Introduction by Karen J Warren                                  355
Excerpts of Writings by Mill and Taylor                         359
Commentary byJo Ellen Jacobs, Taylor and Mill: Joining Forces
to Contest the Subordination of Women                         380
12  Heidegger and Arendt                                            389
Introduction by Karen J. Warren                                 389
Excerpts of Writings by Heidegger and Arendt                    392
Commentary by Elizabeth Minnich, Arendt and Heidegger:
The Life of the Mind, the Life of Action                      404
13  Dewey and Addams                                                419
Introduction by KarenJ. Warren                                  419
Excerpts of Writings by Dewey and Addams                        423
Commentary by Marilyn Fischer, Addams and Dewey: Pragmatism,
Expression, and Community                                     441
14  Wittgenstein and Anscombe                                       455
Introduction by KarenJ. Warren                                  455
Excerpts of Writings by Wittgenstein and Anscombe               460
Commentary by Joy Laine, Anscombe and Wiggenstein:
A Public Voice for Philosophy                                 476
15  Sartre and Beauvoir                                             489
Introduction by Karen J. Warren                                 489
Excerpts of Writings by Sartre and Beauvoir                     493
Commentary by Edward Fullbrook and Margaret A. Simons,
Beauvoir and Sartre: The Problem of the Other                 509
Appendix A: Some Women Philosophers                                  525
Appendix B: 2,600 Years of Gender-Exclusive Philosophy:
Enough is Enough! A Student Perspective by the
Book's Research Assistant Audun Solli                              531

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