Table of contents for Beyond the moon crater myth : a new history of the Aniakchak landscape : a historic resource study for Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve / Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth.

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Moving Beyond the Moon Crater Myth
Introduction       A New History of the Aniakchak Landscape:
The Challenge, the Place, and Purpose of Study     ix
Chapter One        Father Hubbard's Geological Wonder World:
Perpetuating the "Moon Crater Myth" in
Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve           1
Anecdotes fom
Aniakchak           Reflections on Working in Aniakchak
by Tina Neal                                       15
Pre-Contact Period (pre-1741)
Chapter Two        The Living World of Aniakchak                       18
Anecdotes from
Aniakchak          Archeology in the Park - An Aniakchak Journal
by Brian Hoffman                                   35
Russian Period (1741-1917)
Chapter Three      1741: A Brave New World Begins                      41
Chapter Four       Russian Orthodoxy:
Bridging the Old World with the New                63
Anecdotes from
Aniakchak          A Sense of Place by Patricia Partnow                83
Early American Period (1867-1930)
Chapter Five       Incorporating Aniakchak:
American Fur Traders, Oil Prospectors,
and Reindeer Herders                               86
Chapter Six        Aniakchak Ensnared:
The Canned Salmon Industry in
Ugashik, Chignik, and Aniakchak Bay                 116
Chapter Seven       The Knights of Woeful Countenance:
Fox Farmers, Local Trappers, and Clam Canners       152
Anecdotes fom
Aniakchak           On the Kanatak Trail by Paul Boskoffsky
Pieces of the Wind by Wendy Erd
Helen Neilsen: Life on a Blue Fox Island as told to
Susie Pedersen                                      169
Hubbard's Explorations (1930-1932)
Chapter Eight       Exploring the Moon Crater of Alaska:
From Foot to Flight                                 175
Anecdotes fom
Aniakchak           Frank Wilson's Account of the 1931 Eruption as
told to Father Hubbard                               198
World War II and Cold War Period (1935-1960)
Chapter Nine        From Wilderness Frontier to Wartime Front           201
Modern Aniakchak (1950s-present)
Chapter Ten         Father Hubbard's Aniakchak Legacy                   215
Anecdotes fom
Aniakchak           A Dinosaur Discovery in Aniakchak National Monument
by Anthony Fiorillo                                 230
Conclusion          Aniakchak:
A Place People Do Know, and Have Known,
for a Very Long Time!                               232
Appendix: Historic Properties Summaries
and Recommendations                                                     240
Sources Consulted                                                       247

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