Table of contents for Towards a people-driven African Union : current obstacles & new opportunities.

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1. Fnings and recommndations
Member states                                                                          2
Conduct of and follow-up to summits                                                    3
The AU Commission                                                                      4
ECOSOCC                                                                                6
Civil society                                                                          7
2. Background: The African Union                                                           9
3. Preparation ofAU summi at contnental evel                                               n
Preparation of the agenda                                                             12
Distribution of documents to member states                                            13
The role of the Permanent Representatives Committee                                   14
Building consensus by region                                                          15
Conduct of the summit                                                                 15
Follow-up to summit decisions                                                         16
4. Preparations for suma  t by member states                                               17
National structures responsible for foreign affairs                                   18
Engagement with national parliaments                                                  21
Composition of national summit delegations                                            22
5. Regiona econoic communities and the African Union                                      25
Civil society engagement with regional institutions                                   26
6. The African Union Commisson: Outreachto civil society                                  29
The African Citizens' Directorate                                                     29
The African Union-Civil Society Organisation Forum                                    30
The Women, Gender and Development Directorate and the Women's Forum                   31
7. The Econoamic, S    l   d Cltural Council                                               33
Legal framework                                                                       34
ECOSOCC interim national chapters                                                     35
Evaluation                                                                            37
. Autonomous civil socity enqagemen     t with the Aican Union                               39
Access to documents                                                                      39
Preparatory meetings                                                                     40
Observer status and accreditation                                                        40
Paralle meetings                                                                         41
Host government obstruction                                                              41
9. Key decisions at sumits in                                                                 43
The Draft Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance                                 43
The Hissene Hahbr case                                                                   44
Decision on the presidency of the Afitcan Union                                          45
Annual Activity Report of the Afi can Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights            46
The Draft Single Lega Instrument on the Merger of the African Court on
Human aid Peopes' Rights and the Court of justice ofthe African Union                 48
The seat of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights                               4,8
o. Update: anuary-November 2007                                                               51
Introduction                                                                             51
The creation of te Union Government                                                       51
The election of commissioners                                                            53
Developments on the Economic, Social and Cultural Counci (ECOSOCC)                       53
Civil society participation at the Accra summit                                          54

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