Table of contents for Remaking management : between global and local / Chris Smith, Brendan McSweeney, Robert Fitzgerald.

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Part I     Conceptualising International and Comparative Management               17
Preface: Dominance, diversity and the historical process
in management practice
Chris Smith, Brendan McSweeney and Robert Fitzgerald                    19
2         Work organisation within a dynamic globalising
context: a critique of national institutional analysis of the
international firm and an alternative perspective
Chris Smith                                                             25
3         Cultural diversity within nations
Brendan McSweeney                                                       61
4         Business systems, institutions and economic development: the
value of comparison and history
Robert Fitzgerald                                                       90
Part II    Systems in Transition                                                 119
Preface: System as same and different
Brendan McSweeney                                                      121
5        The post-socialist transformation and global process: knowledge
and institution building in organisational settings
Ed Clark                                                            127
6        The diffusion of HRM practices from the United Kingdom to China
Jos Gamble                                                          156
7        Surviving through transplantation and cloning: the Swiss Migros
hybrid, Migros-Ttirk
Gui Berna Ozcan                                                     181
Part III   Society as Open and Closed                                         207
Preface: Society and comparative differences
Robert Fitzgerald                                                   209
8        Capitalism and Islam: Arab business groups and capital flows in
south-east Asia
Rajeswary Ampalavanar Brown                                         217
9        Challenges to the German theatrical employment sNstem: how
long-established institutions respond to globalisation forces
Axel Haunschild                                                     251
10        Between the global and the national: the industrial district
concept in historical and comparative context
Andrew Popp                                                         271
11        Transnational learning and knowledge transfer: a comparative
analysis of Japanese and US MNCs' overseas R&D laboratories
Alice Lam                                                           292
Part IV    The Search for Global Standards                                    331
Preface: Dominance, best practice and globalisation
Chris Smith                                                         333
12        The unravelling of manufacturing best-practice strategies
Alan Pilkington                                                     341
13        Policy transfer and institutional constraints: the diffusion of
active labour market policies across Europe
Michael Gold                                                        358
14        Comparative management practices in international advertising
agencies in the United Kingdom, Thailand and the United States
Chris Hackley and Amy Rungpaka Tiwsakul                             380
15        Corporate social responsibility in Europe: what role for
organised labour?
Axel Haunschild, Dirk Matten and Lutz Preuss                        404
16        Can 'German' become 'international'? Reactions to globalisation
in two German MNCs
Fiona Moore                                                         428

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