Table of contents for The politics of civil society : neoliberalism or social left? / Frederick Powell.

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one     The renaissance of civil society                       I
Civil society, democracy and the public sphere         2
The politics of the present                            5
Social policy, civil society and the welfare state     6
Active citizenship and civil society                  I I
Civil society and the 'third sector'                  14
Strong democracy: beyond political zoology            16
Postmodernity or anti-modernity?                      18
Globalisation, conservatism and civil society         22
Conclusion                                            24
two     Modernity, civil society and civic virtue             27
Power, virtue and humanism                            28
The theology of charity                               31
Medicine, charity and poverty                         34
Vagrancy, punishment and deterrence                   36
The politics of poverty                               38
Democracy, civil society and political ideology       40
Utopian socialism, mutualism and communitarianism     42
Marx:'the Machiavelli of the proletariat'             44
Fabian socialism, civic virtue and social policy      47
Philanthropy, active citizenship and social reform    49
Social crusading, anti-slavery and civil society      52
The ideology of voluntarism: private versus public welfare  54
Civil society, counter-publics and cafd society       55
Associative democracy, civil society and collective self-help  58
Conclusion                                            60
three   Civic virtue and social reform                       63
Modernism and the quest for social justice            63
The American Revolution and unknown civil society:
birthing social movements                             65
Liberty, equality and civil society                   68
Civil society: the right to associate                 69
The French Revolution, social policy and civil society  70
German civil society, the emergence of a public sphere  72
Russia, modernisation and civil society               74
Socialism and welfare: a Faustian bargain or utopian ideal?  75
Socialising the state: welfare and social reform         77
The fusion of civil society and state                    80
Conclusion                                               85
four    Nietzsche's revenge: totalitarianism and civil society   87
The politics of totalitarianism                          88
Totalitarian communitarianism and ideological virtue     89
Nazi charity, national community and confessional politics  94
'Community aliens' and populist authoritarianism        101
Pogrom, civil society and anti-Semitism                 102
Associationalism, dis-welfare and genocide              106
Conclusion                                              108
five    Rights talk and moral protest                           I I I
Human rights, civil society and global cosmopolitanism  I12
The welfare state and human rights                      114
New social movements, civil society and cultural politics  115
Human rights, democracy and Chartism                    118
Peace, planetary politics and moral protest             120
Green social policy, sustainable development and citizen
participation                                           125
Moral voices, new subjectives and reflective citizenship  126
Multiculturalism, social movements and welfare          131
Poor people's movements                                 133
Conclusion                                              137
six     TheVelvet Revolutions                                   139
The politics of the Velvet Revolutions                  140
Poland: the Solidarity ethos                            145
The Czech experience                                    148
Hungary: the marginalisation of civil society           152
Slovenia: an atypical case                              153
The dual culture of the Eastern European transition     154
Civil society in Western Europe: resituating the welfare state  155
Conclusion                                              164
seven   Faith, state and charity                                165
Conservatism and civic virtue                           166
Religious virtue and compassionate conservatism         169
Neoconservatism: the end of welfare in America          174
Rapture: the credo of cultural conservatism             175
Faith-based charity in America: resacralising society  178
Faith-friendly politics in the United Kingdom:
pluralist or segregationist?                         181
A new theology of power?                             185
Conclusion                                           186
eight   Global civil society: myth or reality?               189
Civil society, globalisation and the state: the NGO-isation
of the public sphere                                 190
Poverty, global civil society and international aid  195
Global civil society and NGOs                        197
Anti-globalisation and world development             199
Politics, advocacy think tanks and philanthropic foundations  203
World poverty, social policy and Poor Law politics   207
Conclusion                                           209
nine    Chasing the Zeitgeist                               211
Postmodernity, citizenship and change                212
Social capital: the new traditionalism?              214
Social partnership and civil society                 216
Citizenship, co-production and the welfare state     218
Conclusion                                           222
References                                                  225
Index                                                        239

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