Table of contents for Pressure vessel and stacks : field repair manual / A. Keith Escoe.

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1. Systems of Units                                               1
Getting Familiar with Metric SI Units                       4
Other Important Metric SI Units Used in Mechanics           5
Units for Stress and Pressure                               6
A Warning About Combining Metric SI Units                   6
Units for Energy                                            7
The Unit of Toughness                                       9
2. Handy Pressure Vessel Formulas                                11
Cylindrical Shells                                         II
Spherical Shell or Hemispherical Head                       14
Elliptical Head                                            14
Torispherical Head                                          15
Conical Sections                                            17
Handy Formulas for Computing Head Weights                  25
ASME F&D Head Weights                                      26
Hemispherical Head Weights                                 27
Partial Volumes and Pressure Vessel Calculations           28
3. Dynamic Response of Pressure Vessels and Stacks               41
Flow-induced Vibration-Impeding Devices                    56
Guy Cables, Remediation Devices, and Support of
Flare Stacks                                             66
4. Wind Loadings on Pressure Vessels and Stacks                  75
The Velocity Pressure Distribution, qz                     76
Wind Directionality Factor, Kd                             76
Velocity Pressure Coefficient, Kz                          77
Topographic Factor, Kzt                                    78
Basic Wind Speed, V                                        79
Importance Factor, 1                                       79
Gust-Effect Factor, G                                      79
The Projected Area Normal to the Wind, Af                  82
5. Pressure Vessel Internal Assessment                        91
Forces on Internal Components                            93
Lined Plates and Internal Components                     97
Helpful Structural Formulations                          98
Internal Expansion Joints                               109
6. Safety Considerations for Lifting and Rigging              11I
The Concept of a Ton Weighs Heavy When Lifting          III
Maximum Capacity of Slings                               112
Bridles and Center of Gravity (CG)                       116
Lift Categories                                          116
Preparing for the Lift                                  116
American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Safety Codes  117
7. Lifting and Tailing Devices                                119
Impact Factor                                            120
Tension at Net Section                                  122
Hoop Tension-Splitting Failure Beyond Hole              124
Double Plane Shear Failure                              125
Out-of-Plane Instability (Dishing) Failure              127
Bearing Failure                                         129
Pin Hole Doubler Plates                                  131
Multiple Loads on Lifting and Tail Lugs                 137
Trunnions                                               150
8. Assessing Weld Attachments                                163
A Few Words About Reinforcing Pads and Lifting Lugs      171
9. Rigging Devices                                            181
Blocks                                                   181
Selection of a Block                                    184
Lifting and Erecting Pressure Vessels and Stacks        185
Shackles                                                187

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