Table of contents for Directions in empirical literary studies : in honor of Willie van Peer / edited by Sonia Zyngier ... [et al.].

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Part I
Theoretical and Philosophical Perspectives
Section editor: Paul Sopidk
1. Studying literature and being empirical:
A multifaceted conjunction                                            7
Uri Margolin
2. Empirical research into the processing of free indirect
discourse and the imperative of ecological validity                  21
Geoff Hall
3. Notes towards a new philology                                        35
Donald C. Freeman
4. A theory of expressive reading                                       49
Don Kuiken
Part II
Psychology, Foregrounding and Literature
Section editor: Olivia Fialho
5. Textual and extra-textual manipulations in the empirical
study of literary response                                           75
Peter Dixon & Marisa Bortolussi
6. Foregrounding and feeling in response to narrative                   89
David S. Miall
7. Two levels of foregrounding in literary narratives                  103
Yeshayahu Shen
8. Narrative empathy and inter-group relations                          113
]Jdnos Ldiszl6 & Ildik6 Smogyvdri
9. Effects of reading on knowledge, social abilities,
and selfhood: Theory and empirical studies                          127
Raymond Mar, Maja Djikic & Keith Oatley
io. Imagining what could happen: Effects of taking the role
of a character on social cognition                                139
emrnljan Hakemulder
Part III
Computers and the Humanities
Section editor: Vander Viana
ii. An automated text analysis: Willie Van Peer's
academic contributions                                             161
Arthur C. Graesser & Brent Morgan
12. Computationally discriminating literary from
non-literary texts                                                 175
Max Louwerse, Nick Benesh & Bin Zhang
13. Metaphors and software-assisted cognitive stylistics               193
Michael Kimmel
14. Searching for style in Modern American Poetry                       211
David L. Hoover
15. The laws governing the history of poetry                           229
Colin Martindale
16. Consolidating empirical method in data-assisted stylistics:
Towards a corpus-attested glossary of literary terms              243
Bill Louw
Part IV
REDES Project: The new generation
Section editor: Milena Mendes
17. Empirial evaluation: Towards an automated index
of lexical variety                                                 271
Vander Viana, Natalia Silveira & Sonia Zyngier
18. Language allergy: Myth or reality?                             283
Mariya Sergeyeva & Anna Chesnokova
19. Proper names in the translation of The Lord of the Rings       297
Vladimir Yepishev
2o. Threat and geographical distance: The case of North Korea      309
Jan Prasil, Maria Dudusova & Jan Auracher
21. The apology of popular fiction: Everyday uses
of literature in Poland                                        317
Maciej Maryl

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