Table of contents for 100 questions & answers about HIV and AIDS / Joel Gallant.

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Part 1 Now That You Know                                                 I
Questions 1-6 provide information for people who've just been diagnosed with HIV infec-
tion, including:
* What's my prognosis?
* Can I live a normal life? What about sex and relationships?
* Who should I tell?
Should I keep working?
Part 2 The Basics                                                       11
Questions 7-14 tell you what you need to know about HIV, your immune system, and the
disease in order to understand your condition, your health care provider, your treatment op-
tions, and how to live with HIV infection. Questions include:
* How does HIV cause illness?
* What's the difference between HIV and AIDS?
* How is HIV spread?
* Why isn't there a cure?
Part 3 Diagnosis ofHIVInfection                                         23
Questions 15-17 are written for people who haven't been diagnosed.
Questions include:
* How is HIV diagnosed?
* How do I know if I've been recently infected?
* What if all of my tests are negative but I'm sure I'm infected?
Part 4 Medical Care                                                     29
Questions 18-21 provide information on finding and paying for medical care,
* How do I find the right medical care?
* How do I deal with my health care provider?
* How will I pay for treatment?
Part 5 Getting Started                                                     37
Questions 22-26 discuss the laboratory tests and vaccinations you need, including:
"* What does my CD4 count mean?
"* What's a viral load?
"* What is a resistance test, and when should I get one?
"* Do I need vaccinations?
Part 6 Starting Treatment                                                  45
Questions 27-34 discuss things you need to know before starting treatment, such as:
* How does antiretroviral therapy work?
* Do I need treatment now?
* How do my provider and I choose my first regimen?
* What if I have side effects?
Part 7 Staying on Therapy                                                  61
Question 35-42 discuss issues important to people who are on therapy.
Questions include:
"* How long will therapy last?
"* Can therapy ever be stopped?
* What if my virus becomes resistant to the medications?
* What if I decide not to take medications?
* What is immune-based therapy?
Part 8 Side Effects and Toxicity                                            71
Questions 43-52 discuss side effects and toxicities of antiretroviral drugs, including:
* What are the side effects of protease inhibitors?
* What can I do about changes in my body shape?
* How can I protect my liver?
* What are the risks for my brain and nerves?
Part 9 Opportunistic Infections and Other Complications                   87
Questions 53-62 provide information on the complications of HIV infection,
"* What are opportunistic infections?
"* When should I use medications to prevent infections?
"* Can HIV cause cancer?
Part 10 Symptoms                                                         103
Questions 63-72 discuss common symptoms caused by HIV and its treatment and how to
deal with them. Questions include:
"* What can I do about nausea and diarrhea?
"* What ifI get a cold or the flu?
"* Why am I so tired?
"* Can HIV affect my skin?
Part 11 Women's Issues, Pregnancy, and Children                          117
Questions 73-77 discuss HIV infection in women and children and HIV treatment in
pregnant women, including:
"* How is HIV infection different for women?
"* What if I want to get pregnant?
"* What if my child is infected?
Part 12 Coinfection                                                      127
Questions 78-80 discuss other infections that often accompany HIV infection,
such as:
"* What if I also have hepatitis C?
"* How do I prevent cervical and anal cancer?
Part 13 Mental Health and Substance Abuse                                133
Questions 81-83 discuss depression, substance abuse, and other mental health problems,
"* How do I know if I'm depressed?
"* What are the risks of drug use if I'm positive?
Part 14 Relationships, Sexuality, and Prevention                         139
Questions 84-88 discuss relationships, safer sex, and sexually transmitted diseases, includ-
"* How and when do I disclose my status to partners?
"* What if both my partner and I are positive?
"* What should I know about sexually transmitted diseases?
Part 15 Living with HIVInfection                                         147
Questions 89-96 discuss important lifestyle considerations for HIV-positive people, in-
"* What should I eat or avoid eating?
"* Can I still drink alcohol?
"* Can I keep mypets?
Part 16 Questions For Those Who Still Have Questions                     159
Questions 97-100 discuss some of the controversial questions that still come up with re-
spect to HIV infection, including:
"* What about the theory that HIV doesn't cause AIDS?
"* How do we know that HIV wasn't created in a lab?
"* What's the state of the global epidemic?
Appendix: Additional Resources                                         165

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